My stepbrothers BTS ff

A Happy Day But Sad too

You wake up to your clock

YN: will today is 22 of Feb at day

you go to your shower after 30min shower after at you pick your outfit

After at you do your hair and makeup

after at you go to the kitchen to eat you walk in to see all the boys

Yn:good morning oppas

BTS:good morning Yn

Jin: here your breakfast Yn

Yn:Thank you jin oppa

After at you finish yourbreakfast

Yn: I'll be in the recordstudio ok

BTS: ok

You go to your recording studio and and start live streaming in there

Yn: hi guys so to day is a important day for me so I decided to sing for you

An: you playing on the piano

Yn: Thank you guys

After you end the live stream you turn around and see


All of us are going to Yn recording studio so we can tell her it time for lunch and we see her sing

BTS: wow Yn play beautiful

And after at she finish sing and she see us


Yn:oh oppas it you

BTS: it time for lunch

Yn: oh ok

All of you go to the kitchen to eat after at you finish eat

Yn: going out for a little while I see you later oppas

You get your mask and your sunglasses

And you walk to a flower shop and buy bouquet of flowers

And you go to the cake shop

After at you go to your brother's grave


We following Yn wondering what she's doing with a cake and flowers and we see her walking to a graveyard


You walk up to your Brothers

Yn: Happy birthday Peter and Rod you're finally 19

You started to cry

Yn: how is heaven and mom and dad's , what do you think of our new brothers

I hear noises behind you so you looked around and see


We started walking up to Yn and we hear her conversation

Yn: Happy birthday Peter and Rod you're finally 19

Yn: how is heaven and mom and dad's , what do you think of our new brothers

And she look back to see us and we see she crying


Yn:oh oppas it you

BTS: who at in front of you

Yn: I guess it's time for me to introduce you oppas your other brothers Peter and Rod and to day is their birthday they're finally 19

BTS: well it's nice to meet you Peter and Rod and Happy birthday

Yn: I'm happy you got to meet them but I wish they were here

You cry more

BTS: Yn please stop cry there's better print place I think they don't want to see you crying either you look much beautiful a smile on


BTS: can you tell us about them Yn

Yn: well me and my brother are 15 months apart and me and them are Idols but when they passed away everybody thought they were just went back up players so ever since then no one doesn't know the truth and me , Brothers felt like best friends we never spend time apart their favorite flower was white rose

BTS: wow Yn they sound amazing

Yn: yeah they were ..... I guess it's time for us to go now well bye Brothers and we we can eat the cake at home.

You starts walk away and leaving your brothers behind


Yn started to walk away

BTS: don't worry Brothers will take care of her


All you go back home and started to eat the cake

AN: srroy for the short story and I want to say this today is my Big Brother's birthdays so that's why I put this little chapter in here and to all my children's I love you all work hard in school and stay healthy.
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