My stepbrothers BTS ff

Happy birthday Suga

You wake up to your clock

Yn: good morning Yn

You go to your shower after 20 min shower you pick your outfit and hair

You go to the kitchen to make breakfast for the boys after you finish you wake up the boys after at you have Suga oppa left to wake up

Yn: oppa wake up please

Suga: let me sleep Yn

He open one of his eye to see you and start to make puppy eyes

Yn: please oppa

Suga:ok no one can sad no to at face

You left the room and go to the kitchen and Suga came in

Yn: here your breakfast Suga oppa

Suga: thanks Yn and love your outfit

Yn: thanks and Happy birthday Suga oppa

You and the boys sing happy birthday give him his presents

Yn: here's my present Suga oppa

Suga:thanks Yn I love it

An: hi beautiful children srroy for the short story and Happy birthday Suga, stay healthy and work hard in school love all of you bye. P.S Suga born on my mom's birthday birthday ok bye .

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