My stepbrothers BTS ff

My love is lost

You wake up to your phone your in recording studio all night

Yn: What time is it ?

you look at your phone it 7:30

Yn: I guess I should get ready now

you go to your room go shower after 20 min you go pick your outfit

and hair , makeup

after at you go to the kitchen to eat


Suga: Hey you did you notice that Yn Ben in her recording studio all night

Jin: yes we did notice

BTS(exp jin,Suga): the question is what she was doing in there all night


You walk in the kitchen see the boys

Yn: good morning oppas

BTS: good morning Yn

you grab your breakfast and start eating

BTS: mm..Yn what are you doing in your recordings Studio all night

Yn: oh I was recording my new music and drawing the album cover

BTS: oh can we is the album cover

Yn: yeah sure

Author: the drawing is on top

BTS: wow Yn at cool

Yn: thanks but I have to go work bye

He hopped on your motorcycle and went to work after 30 min you got to the building and you walked inside

Manager: Yn you have 5 video to make today so let's hurry and get ready

Yn: oh ok

After you go to the dressing room get your clothes on you started making the videos after 9 hours your finish

Manager: that's it for today and Yn you got a come back show tomorrow and a new show to okay

Yn: ok bye

After you got back into your outfit you go back home after 30 min you at home

Yn: oppas I home !

BTS: ok Yn !

Yn: where are you !

BTS: in the living room

You to the living room and see all the boys

Yn: oppas I go to be in my dance Studio if you need anything call me

BTS: ok sis

You up stairs to your Dance Studio and go dance

Yn: I guess I go to dance to once of my brother song

An: you're the one with the blue hat

When you're done dancing you hear clapping

BTS: wow you dance to once of are song and make cool dance

Yn: thanks oppas I happy you love it

BTS: oh dinner's ready

Yn: oh ok

After all of y'all finish eating you all went to bed

Next morning

You woke up to your alarm clock you start getting ready to go to school after 20 min shower you pick your outfit

After that you eat your breakfast and left for school

Time skip

An: yes I know I'm lazy

Now it's lunch eating till you got to call from your manager

On the phone

Yn: yes

Manager: Yn your news show is about to start you need to come over here now

Yn: but I'm in school right now

Manager: don't worry about that already told the principal

Yn: ok bye

Off the phone

You left school Drive to the location and you here now

Manager: Yn okay go over there they're going to start to show in 10 seconds

After 10 seconds

Woman: welcome back everybody today we have a special guest Is Yn so how is your day going so far and let's talk about your new album

Yn: it's going good oh yes about my new album

Woman: so Yn what gave you the idea to make your new album lost love

Yn: oh yes it's about a person loving someone and losing the love they have for them

Woman: wow so Yn have you ever been in love

Yn: Yes actually twice one person that loved didn't really know about my feelings the second one we did date each other but he lost his love for me

Woman: I can never fall out of love for you because you're so beautiful and so nice and caring

Yn: thank you actually I have enough love towards all my beautiful flowers * beautiful flowers is your fans* so that's all the love I need

Woman: well that's all the time we have and don't forget to watch Yn comeback show later on this afternoon

An: hi my beautiful children sorry I posted late I will make a part 2 to the story to and I'm on spring break right now so I will have enough time to write part 2 and stay healthy work hard in school to what you get back from your spring break bye . P.S the picture of your outfit yes that's me in my room so bye .

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