My stepbrothers BTS ff

My love is lost part 2

You at the come back show you get ready for it and it time to go on

Yn: hey my flowers ready to start

Fun: YES!!!!

An: ignored the beginning

An: sorry you guys I love is song

After you finish the come back show you go back home .


All of us were watching Yn new show a comeback show

BTS: what is Yn wearing

They're watching the part where you're starting to see more sexier

Jimin: I'm so proud of my little sister but the same time she not supposed to do that

BTS(expjimin): jimin how can you say that how are you proud of that at are lil sis

Jimin: the only reason I'm probably because my little sister is following my footsteps being sexy and I mad her two cuz she's not supposed to do that.

An: sorry for stopping the story but doesn't anyone remember when jimin ripped his shirt back to the story.

All of us were fighting and then we heard the door open


Yn: Oppas I'm back home

BTS: oh ok Yn

You walk in the living room

Yn: I be making dinner ok

BTS: ok sis

You walk to the kitchen and make dinner

Am: hi my children sorry that I mean this chapter short I make a part 3 to be the last chapter of this part and only taking a break because there's perfect ideas I have but I'm going to start making them coming out in May so I'm very sorry I had two test coming up next month and I have two tests on May so I'll be off and on and I'm starting to make a new BTS fanfic so you won't have to wait that long I'm sorry I haven't posted earlier is because I was stressing over the things so I'm very sorry but I hope you understand pat 3 I think I'll get out probably next week so I'm very sorry and stay healthy and work hard in school love you bye .

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