My stepbrothers BTS ff

Part 3

You in the kitchen make dinner you decided to make dad homemade enchiladas

After making dinner you call the boys

Yn: oppas dinner is ready

Boys walk in the kitchen

BTS: at look good Yn

Yn: thanks

We all eating but boys said something to you

BTS: Yn we watching your back show and you hit the high notes very perfect

Yn: thanks. *In your head*: sh*t I regret When I Dance .

All done eating the boys went to go play video games so go to room but you got text for pen pal friend

Friend: hey Yn I found a new anime you can watch

Yn: oh hey what is it

Friend: it call yuri on ice

Yn: ok I go watching it know bye

Friend: ok bye

An: if you guys know what is yuri on ice I love you funny story how I know that that show because one of my friends show it to me and I really into that type of stuff but it was a good show back to the story

You watching the show and you scream

Yn: DO IT !!!


We are playing games until we heard Yn scream

Yn: DO IT !!!

Kookie: why is Yn scream

All ran to Yn room we open the door and see Yn watching this

And all JungShook

An:sorry I had to put in here


After you scream all boys ran in your room
You got scare with they think of you

Yn: umm oppas it not what you think

Suga: it look like you love watching boy love

Kookie: what's that An

An: it's nothing my innocent baby kookie

Kookie: An I not a baby I'm older than you

An: I don't care I'm still calling my innocent baby kookie back to the story

Yn: no my friend sent it to me she told me to watch it so and I'm not into this type of stuff

Jin: are you sure Yn you're not lying to us

Yn:* innocent look* no oppa I will never lie to you

Jin: ok we will talk about this later okay all of us let's go to sleep

All the boys left go to their rooms and all of you wants to sleep

An: Hi my children I hope your doing good my new stories is about to come out soon and I hope you love this story and stay healthy work hard in school and I love you all bye . P.S. remember I'll be off of the story till May new story I'll be working through the whole month of April so you don't have to wait that long for the story so bye.

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