My stepbrothers BTS ff

Happy birthday y/n

You wake up to your clock

Yn: prom tomorrow

You go to your shower after 30 min shower you pick your outfit and hair

You walk in the kitchen eat breakfast

Yn: let see buy dress get nails done

You eat peacefully but someone scare you

Kookie: Boo 😮

Yn: really kookie

Kookie: srroy Yn

Yn: it ok and rest of boys

Kookie: in the livingroom

Yn: ok see you later kookie

Kookie: Bye Yn

You walk to the front door

Yn: Bye oppas !!

BTS:Bye Yn

You left

You went to Mall you try lots dresses but one dress you love you buy it walk out store

Walk to nail salon but you bumped into someone you fall on your butt he help you up

Erik: sorry Yn

Yn: it ok Erik so what are you doing

Erik: I was go to buy my tux

Yn: oh

Erik: hey Yn do you mind if you help me

Yn: sure 😊

The both of you walk to the store you help Erik to pick is tuxedo he when into the dressing room and came out like this

Daisy: you guys please mind the words on top of the picture it's from a game I love but it's hard to find him in this form so there's only one I could find that is has a big picture of him

Erik: what do you think Yn

Yn: you look handsome

Erik: thanks Yn I go buy it then

Erik change it went to go buy the tux both you left

Yn: I see you tomorrow Erik

Erik: Bye Yn

You left go get your nails done you got back home

Next Day

You get ready for prom your look


Hair , color



You all done you walk down stairs in to the living room and see all oppas

BTS: Wow Yn you look lovely

Yn: thanks oppa all of you look handsome

Jin: ok let's go

All us left go to prom boys walk in first after at I walk and everybody look at me walk to my friends sit with them

Jackson: Wow Yn you look lovely

Yn: thanks Jackson

You look at Erik see girl next to him

Erik: Yn meet my girlfriend

??: hi Yn my name is Mika

Yn: nice to meet you

All us eat and talking , laughing but someone touch your shoulder you look back to principal

Principal: Yn can you sing for us

Yn: ok

You walk up on stage ready to sing

Principal: ok special performance Yn

Everybody clap for you

Yn: Holle hope you love my new song

All students dance when you where sing but you kept looking at Erik dance with his girlfriend you finish

Principal: ok everybody dance performance for are dance club

You and Erik where in the dance club and both of you were dance partners so both of you walk imposition with the rest of the club

Daisy:ok your the girl in peach dress in the boys she's dancing is Erik

When are dancing you we're talking to Erik

Yn: Erik

Erik: yes Yn

Yn: I have to tell you this ... at I love y-you since we were little


Yn: but I go to let you go hope we still stay friends after this

Song was finish

Erik: Yn

You walk away you walk outside you want to cry but you hold it in you start to hear that voice again

Voice: Yn come with me I can give you everything you wanted Do You Want Your Love Back and You're family

Yn: No I not going give up to you

Someone tapped on the shoulder you look back to Jackson

Jackson: Yn can I tell you something

Yn: sure Jackson

Jackson: can you be my girlfriend

Yn: I love to Jackson

The both of you kiss each other prom finish you go back home

Daisy: hi my children I hope you love story
Stay healthy work hard in school love you all bye.

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