My stepbrothers BTS ff


You wake up to your clock

Yn: let get ready

You walk to shower 20 min shower you pick your outfit and hair

After you finish you walk out of room in the hallway and see your brothers

Daisy: you guys please imagine they are in the hotel hallway

BTS: Wow Yn you look beautiful

Yn: thx oppas you look handsome

All of y'all finish talking your brothers went to their limos and you would to yours limo

And you arrived at the BBMA

Your brother already there everybody was taking a pictures a lot of you and you were getting asked questions

After red carpet the awards already started

Middle of the award show.

Speaker: ok everybody the best female rapper is ...... YN !!!

You walk up on stage

Yn: thx you so much my fan you all give me the expiration to write all my music so this one goes out to all of my fans thank you

You off stage now it's time for you to perform

Speaker: now performing Iggy

Daisy: note your rap name is Iggy and your performance outfit is the same thing in the video


We were so happy at Yn win a award after she finish her speech the next performant was up

Speaker: now performing Iggy

All us look at each other was wondering who was performing next and they saw you started singing

Kook: it Yn

Rm,jhope,Suga: Yn rap perfect

All boys dance to you


Speaker: performing BTS!!!!

You happy for your brother's

Kookie picked up his shirts and show his abs

Yn: will kookie not a baby anymore but now man


After party

It after party and I change in to my after party dress wearing white heels and my hair down and boys went back to there room but I decided to be here see I can talk to my dad and i see him

Yn: hey dad

Fonsi: hey sweetie how you doing

Yn: good you dad

Fonsi: good oh where's are the brothers

Yn: back at hotel celebrating with there fan on your live stream

Fonsi: oh ok say hi for me

Yn: ok dad

Few hours later

Yn: will i have to go dad bye

Fonsi: Bye sweetie

Back hotel
I go to my room and shower and put on my PJs and put my hair in a bun

After at I go to boys room I knock on the door open I see jin

Jin: oh Yn

Yn: can I come in

Jin: sure

We walk in room where the boys were at

Yn: hey guys dad says hi

Boys: hey sis

I sit down with them

Suga: so is your rap name is iggy

Yn: yep

Vkook: do you have rap videos

Yn: I do let me show you one

Yn: interesting about this one I was 16 when I did this video

Video finish you forgot there's a lot of cursing and dance that should have been saved by your brothers

Boys: ok at it good video

Suga: at my sister *he said that because of the cursing*

Jin: ok not go to ask but let's just leave it for now

Rm: ok let's all go bed

Yn: good oppas

Daisy: hi my children I hope you love this chapter and I'll make it part 2 and I hope all y'all stay healthy I love you bye

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