My stepbrothers BTS ff

Talk show

You wake up to your clock

You go shower after at you go get ready

Yn: let see it 10 I got 3 hours before the talk show

You eaten breakfast so after at you hanged out with the boys



Ellen: so today we have Yn here so how are you doing Yn

Yn: good ellen

Ellen: at good so your fan posting about your tattoos that you had

Yn: oh yes have 4 tattoos I got it on 18 birthday

You show them your tattoos

Ellen: what does the 9 represent

Yn: at represent how many brothers I have two biological Brothers and 7th Step Brothers

Ellen: Wow you have big family so what does arrest mean

Yn: the cross represents the five family members that I have lost and the music note represents the music's always been my life and the Rose represents me and my two biological Brothers favorite flower

Ellen: Wow all Lots many behind those tattoos

Yn: yes it is

Ellen: well that's it for today everybody thank you for coming to us Yn

Yn: yes love be with my fans

Daisy: hello my children I am very sorry I have not up with upload during the summer my school started and I went to the concert and I got caught up with bunch of things in the summer but I'm very sorry this is short chapter but I hope you loved it stay healthy work hard on school love you bye

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