My stepbrothers BTS ff

Years later

Daisy: B/n means Bias name ok what's going on with the story

Me and Jackson broke up but we ended on good terms and still friends but if we didn't broke up I won't be Married to B/n and have my son and daughter my Happy life me and B/n are still idol happy with are work

Yn: Luke can you go get your dad for me I finish getting your sister ready

Luke: ok Mommy

Emma: mommy I want to be pretty as you mommy

Yn: but sweetie you're more prettier than me

Emma: really mommy

Yn: yes 😊

B/n: both of y'all are prettier your my princess and Queen

Luke: what about me

Yn: will you're the prince in The Shining Knight in armor

Luke: yay

Yn: all finish now let's go to the park to celebrate yours 5 birthday

Luke&Emma: yay 😆



The kids are playing around you and b/n are just sitting under the shade

B/n: I love you Yn

Yn: I love you two b/n

Daisy: hi my children I'm sorry to say this is the last chapter of the story but I hope you really love to this was my first fanfic I ever wrote but I'm happy that you loved it and stay healthy and work hard in school


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