My stepbrothers BTS ff

New life

My mom told me start packing up she told me that we're going to move in with my stepdad and his 7 son's
As she said yelling Y/N : YES I BE DOWNSTAIRS IN A SECOND as I said yelling back.

Y/N : Well goodbye my old room

After went downstairs
So my mom said. mom: Y/N are you ready to go. Y/N : YES. after that we hopped in the car and and I saw the new house I'll be living in. Y/N : wow it's big.

After that we got out the car and we went to the front door I was meet by my stepdad stepdad: hello and welcome to your new house Y/n and come in I get the boys.

After he get them I see 7 boy .

Stepdad : Sons please introduce yourself to your new sister.
Jin: hi I'm jin I am the oldest
Suga:hi I'm Suga the 2nd oldest
Jhope: hello I'm jhope 3 oldest
Namjoon: hi I'm Namjoon 4 oldest
Jimin: hi I'm Jimin 1 youngest
V: hi I'm v 2 youngest
Jungkook: hi I'm Jungkook 3 youngest.

Y/N: Hi I'm Y/N nice to meet all of you.
All: nice to meet you two.
Y/N: 😊
Mom: okay now you got to know each other so me and your dad are you going to our honeymoon so see you later 2 week bye.
Dad: boys can you show Y/n her room and the two others surprised rooms for her.
All: ok come on Y/n.
The boys show me my room

Y/N: wow it's beautiful
All: we happy you like it we took a long time for us to make it.

Jin: Y/n come on through two other rooms we got to show you.

Y/N: my own recording studio
All: our dad told us that you love recording your music so we made one for you.
All: and there's one less room for you to see.

(The color is blue)

Jimin: your mom told that you love dancing to and you come competition with other dancers too so we hope you love is .
All: can you show us how you dance Y/n.
Y/N: sure

( your the girl in the front)

All: that's amazing Y/n
Y/N: thank you

A/n: sorry for just being a short story but I hope you like it I think the next update will be on Saturday so bye

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