My stepbrothers BTS ff


I was in my recording studio but I hear a knock on my door
Y/N: who is it
Jin:it me jin and come downstairs to eat breakfast
After you go downstairs two eat breakfast
Y/N:I have a competition today so I in dance studio ok
Jin:Y/n do you need a ride
Y /N:yes thank you
Jin: your welcome
All boy:Y/n can we see your competition
Y/n: yes but you can't in embarrass me ok.
Y/n: I going to practice bye
After 2 hours of practice
You go to your room to get ready after 10 minute shower you go closet pick your outfits

( imagine the shoes all black)

After at you do your hair and makeup

You go downstairs you see the boys in living room and boy see you
Namjoon: Y/n are you going to weird that
Y/n:yes why
Namjoon:no reason
Y/n: ok let's go be for I late
After 1 hour drive

I went to I was next.
Judge:Y/n you are next
Y/n thought:ok y/n you can do is
A/n:your the girl blonde hair please ignore the girls in the back

All boy thoughts :y/n is make me fall for her and turning me on when she dance like at.
Y/n thought: whine I was dance I see face at I wasn't going to see again
After at you win but you hear someone call you
??:y/n !
I turn around to see it Erik he was my childhood best friend I have a crush on him
Y/n:Erik I miss you
Erik:I miss you 2
All the boy:y/n who at
Y/n: Erik the are my stepbrothers and Erik is my childhood best friend
Erik: we should Hangouts here is my phone number ok
Y/n: ok I have to go bye
Erik:ok bye
After we got home you go to your room you can go to bed you going to close your door but you see Namjoon
Y/n: Namjoon you scared me
But Namjoon He lock the door and he kissed you
Y/n: stop Namjoon we are siblings
Namjoon : stepsiblings
He kissed your neck and he left a hickey you kik out of your room and you lock the door you land on your bed cry
Y/n: why me
But you remember you have school tomorrow you turn off the lint

A/n: sorry for the least post my phone is not working right but l think the next update be on Saturday or Sunday and Happy Christmas bye.

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