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King (jjk x male reader)


(n.) a person or thing regarded as the finest or most important in its sphere or group ══════════════════ "Why is m/n running around with a scythe?" "Because Gojo-sensei made fun of him, again" ══════════════════ (Jujutsu Kaisen x male reader) (I don't own jujutsu Kaisen)

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was night as there stood two students from Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical High School. One was a black haired male with a shorter male with h/c. The black haired male had the standard uniform while the h/c male had a long coat covering his body as he followed his partner.

"Are we even close Megumi?" The h/c male asked as they walked down a path inside the school.

"Yeah. It right there" Megumi points to the box at the end of the path.

The h/c just ran towards it, opening it expecting the special grade curse object to be there yet there was nothing. "Umm Megumi there's nothing"

"What?!" He moved you away as he saw you were indeed right. He looked around as you stood there.

Megumi took out his phone as he puts it on speaker "The Stevenson screen's empty"

"For real? That's hilarious! Maybe it took a nighttime stroll"

"I'll punch you" Megumi says as you just chuckle him.

"Well, no going home until it's recovered, okay?" With that the called ended.

Megumi lowered him phone "I'm seriously going to punch him next time"

"Please don't" you sigh as he just walked away. You quickly follow as you had to a hotel to say for the night.


The sun shined as there you two stood at the school, Miyashiro Prefectural Sugisawa Thrid High School in regular clothes. Megumi was wearing a white dress shirt with black jeans as his black shoes. You were in a white hoodie with jeans and your boots. Your black gloves were still on.

You both were walking through the empty rugby field. You could sense the cursed energy everywhere as there was a grade 2 curse on the poles.

"Someone must have died here" you say as Megumi nodded.

"Damn it. Its presence is too strong to pin down. It feels like it's close by, but it could still be far away, too" Megumi says as he looked down at his phone. There was a picture of the cursed object you both had to get.

"There is so much cursed energy here! Well never get back home" you whine as you looked around.

'This special-grade cursed object is a serious pain. Who could have moved it? Where is it now?' Megumi thinks as you both here people shouting.

"Over here! Coach Takagi is taking on Itadori from West Middle!"

"Wow, what are they competing in?"

You both walked over to the crowd to see the coach throwing the steal ball. Two boys ran over to measure the length which was 14 meters.

𝐽𝑎𝑝𝑎𝑛'𝑠 𝑁𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑎𝑙 𝑅𝑒𝑐𝑜𝑟𝑑
18𝑚𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑑 85 𝑐𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠

You heard people cheering for this Itadori boy. A male with pink and black hair walk out into the field as the coach handed him a ball. The kid easily throwing it like a pitcher as it hits the soccer goal.

You were amazed by it. You didn't him using curse energy as it was all raw strength.

The two same kids measured it, saying it was roughly 30 meters.

𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑙𝑑 𝑅𝑒𝑐𝑜𝑟𝑑
23𝑚𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑑 12 𝑐𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠

"Megumi you say that right?! I've never seen anyone easily throw that" you say as he just stared at the pink haired kid.

He tell pulled you along as you kept on rambling about what happened. Suddenly when the Itadori kid ran past you you felt the presence of a curse object, especially a special grade.

"Hey, you!" Megumi tried to call him but he ran away.

"He's way to fast!" You both went down the stairs as the kid got away.

"I heard he can run fifty meters in three seconds" you both turned to the student walking by.

𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑙𝑑 𝑅𝑒𝑐𝑜𝑟𝑑

"What the hell is that kid made of?"


You both found yourself in front of a hospital as you were in your uniforms. Megumi was able to find that the Itadori kid was here.

Once you were inside you walked around finally finding him signing some papers before the nurse leaves.

The Itadori kids seem to noticed you two as he turned to stare at you two.

"Itadori Yuji, right? I'm Fushiguro and this is l/n, we're from Jujutsu Tech. We'd like to have a word with you. Now" Megumi says.

You three were now in the visiting area as you two were standing while Itadori sat down.

"Um, I'm in mourning right now" Yuji says.

"I'm sorry but there's no time. The cursed object you possess is very dangerous. Hand it over to me right now" Megumi tells him.

"Cursed object?" Yuji questions.

Megumi takes out his phone showing him the cursed object you both were after. "This"

"Oh, yeah, yeah. I found that" Yuji says as your expression turned into fear. After seeing what he could do, if he used that cursed object in the wrong way it would kill many.

"I don't mind either way, but my senpai took a liking to it. What do you mean, 'dangerous'?" Yuji asked.

"The number of unexplained deaths and missing persons within Japan exceeds 10,000 a year in average. Most of those are the result of curses" you explain as the Itadori kid still didn't understand.


"I don't care if you believe in them or not. They're real. I'll continue. Large pools of negative energy form especially easily in schools, hospitals, and so on. Hardship, regret, shame... The negative emotions of mankind become the source of curses. That's why most schools secretly keep a cursed object such as a protective talisman. The object you found is one of them" Megumi was interrupted by Yuji.

"If it's protecting us, shouldn't we be grateful for it?"

"Let me finish. Placing a cursed object of greater evil is a deadly poison that keeps other curses away. It's a bad practice that only claims to protect. Over the years, its seal weakens, and then it becomes bait to lure in and fatten up other curses. The object you found is a dangerous one, classified as special-grade. Hand it over before people start dying"

"Hey, I already said I don't mind that. So go tell it to my senpai" Yuji tossed the box to Megumi as he opened it. The cursed object wasn't in there.

Megumi stopped Yuji from leaving as he hold the box up "Where are the contents?!"

"I already told you, my senpai... have it..." Yuji says as he realized his upperclassmen took it.


"Actually, they were talking about removing the talisman from it tonight at the school" Yuji says as you stared widen eyes.

Megumi backed up as you covered your mouth in fear. If they were going to talk the talisman off, they could be dead already as well as many people around the school.

"What? Is that bad?"

"It's worse than bad. They're going to die" Megumi says as Yuji stared at you two.

Immediately you both ran out as Yuji followed close by. You looked to the side to see he didn't have any problem running with you two as you've seen how fast he is.

"Do talismans come off that easily?" Yuji asked as you all continued to run.

"No, it's impossible for people who lack cursed energy. Normally" Megumi answers.

"Go right! It's a shortcut!" Yuji turns as you two followed.

"This time the object itself is too strong. The seal is ancient. It might as well be plain paper" Megumi says.

You see the school in the distance as you all hurried up.

"I still don't get all this stuff about curses"

"Where are they?!"

"Fourth floor!"

Once you were at the gates a pressure of cursed energy hits you as you looked up. Cursed energy came out of the school as it surrounded it.

"What is this pressure?" Yuji asked as Megumi moved him.

"You stay here" Megumi told him as you both jumped onto the fence.

"I'm coming, too! It's dangerous, right? I've only known them a few months but they're my friends. I can't just stand by!" Yuji tried to reason with you two.

"Stay here" was the last thing Megumi said as he jumped down.

You just stared at Yuji as he looked at you. You just turned away before running after Megumi.

"The curse has been unleashed! Its presence is still all over the place!"

You both burst through the door as there was a curse in the halls. You immediately took off your gloves as you touched the ground. The seals on your hand came off as it was all over the floor, turning into a circle. "Third soul!" A M16A4 immediately shot out of the circle as you gripped it. The seal was now in front of the flash barrel.

Megumi immediately stopped as he puts his hands together "Out of the way! Demon dogs!" Megumi's shikigamis came out of his shadow as the curse moved towards you two.

"You can eat it" Megumi says as his dogs dashed forward.

As you continued to go up the floors you finally reached the fourth floor. Curse kept on coming as you shot them down while Megumi's demon dogs ate them.

"The curses are growing in number. They're close" Megumi tells you as you both went around the corner to see a bigger curse. It had two humans with it as it tried to consume them.

"Damn it! Is it trying to swallow her along with the cursed object?!"

You saw the talisman in the girls pocket as you immediately pointed your gun towards the curse. It'll be troubling to exorcise the curse while it had two humans.

Before could shot you felt someone's presence near. The glass broke as you saw Yuji flying through the window.


Yuji gripped the side it helped him get above the curse as he punched the curse. It gave him time to get his friends away from the curse as he jumped away with the two.

You smirked as you finally had a clear shot as you immediately started shooting before leaving it be for Megumi's demon dogs.

"I want to ask what you're doing here, but good job. Why do haughty?" Megumi walked over to Yuji as you followed behind.

"By the way, what's that Kuching on the curse? And why are their markings of your arms?" Yuji asked as you flinched at that. You lowered your sleeves to cover your arms.

Megumi looked at you as he knew why you were covering your seals. He remembered when he first meet you he accidentally walked into you training. He could see seals all around your body as you stared at him widen eyed. Your shikigam was out as it went to attacked him but Gojo-sensei was there to stop it.

"My shikigami. You can see them, then? Normally a curse can't be seen. Not unless you're on the verge of death or in special places like this" Megumi tells Yuji as he holds your gun as fixed your coat.

"Yeah, that makes sense. I've never seen a ghost or anything before tonight" Yuji says calmly.

"You're not scared, are you?"

"Well, I was scared for a bit. But did you know? People really can die"

"Huh?" Megumi and you didn't seem to understand.

"So I at least want the people I know to have proper deaths. Not that I really get it myself" Yuji gets up as the special cursed object fell out of the gurls pocket. He grabbed it as he looked at it.

"This it?"

"Yeah. That's the special grade cursed object, Ryouman Sukuna's finger. It's a miracle it didn't get swallowed"

"Why would anything eat it? Does it taste good?"

"Don't be stupid. You'd do it to gain stronger cursed energy. It's dangerous, so hand it over already" Megumi walked over.

"Sure, sure"

You felt a curse nearby as you and Megumi looked up. There was a giant hand coming down as you pushed Yuji away while Megumi's demon dogs grabbed the male student.

"Run!" You say as you both were immediately grabbed.

The dust cleared up as Yuji could see Megumi in the curse hands while you were in the side, injured. Megumi has pushed you back in a split second before the cursed grabbed you.


"Megumi! Damn it!" You grabbed the dropped gun as the curse threw Megumi as the wall before he would summon Nue.

You immediately stepped in front of him as you put another magazine replacing the empty one. The you started to fire as the curse punched you both out of the wall.

You both roughly landed on the bridge connecting both buildings. Megumi pushes himself up as he say you on the side. Your body barely moving as he then turned back to the curse.

Before the curse could get close to you it was immediately pushed down as Megumi saw Yuji landing on it.

"Itadori! Why can't you understand to take those two and run?!" Megumi yells as you slowly get up

Your gun as behind the curse as you took off your boots as your legs were covered with seals. The seals slowly came off as a bigger circle was made. You saw Yuji being dragged on the floor before thrown to the sky.

"F-fifth soul" A Barrett M98 came out as you position yourself. It hurts to move but this is the best you could do. It'll be hard to control your shikigami in this state.

"Only curses can exorcise other curses! You can't beat it!"

"Is this the time to be saying that?! You're both going to die at this rate!" Yuji yells at Megumi.

The curse was moving around to much as Yuji continued to fight the curse. You tried to get a good shot but before you could pull the trigger Yuji would kick the curse, getting into your view.

"If I went home, I'll be having nightmares! Besides, I have my own... troublesome curse already!"

Yuji dodged the curse's punch but wasn't able for the second on. He was thrown into the air as Sukuna's finger was out of his hand. Yuji was grabbed by the curse as you immediately positioned your rifle to the curse.

Sukuna's finger fell as Yuji grabbed it with his mouth. Your eyes widen as Megumi yelled at him to not eat it.

You immediately just threw your gun down the circle as the gun behind the curse went down a circle before they both return to your body as you decided to summon your shikigami. If Yuji actually ate it he'll die but the curse could also eat him while he has Sukuna's finger in him.

Seals around your body came down your leg as it formed a circle in front of you. "Now Ajin: Demi-Human!"

A shadow figure started to form as you saw Yuji eat the finger. As the curse as about to eat Yuji you felt such curse energy coming from him. Yuji immediately destroyed the curse arm before jumping back. The curse them charged towards Yuji as as it was split in half just by Yuji raising his hand.

Your shikigami stood in front of you as you moved towards Megumi. You just stared at Yuji the entire time as the clouds move letting the moonlight shine down.

Yuji's face was covered with black markings as a eye opened under his regular eye. You realized that this wasn't Yuji. It was Sukuna.

Sukuna started to laugh as it seem he took over Yuji's body "Ah, I knew it! The light feels best in the flesh!" Ripping off the hoodie you could see the black markings continue down and all around his body.

"Where are the people? The women?! What a wonderful era to be in. Women and children are crawling everywhere like maggots. Marvelous! It'll be a massacre!" Sukuna looked over as he stared at the city.

His hand grabbed his chin as he fell back "What fo you think you're doing with my body? Give it back" it was Yuji.

"How are you able to move?"

"I mean, it's my body"

You looked to see Megumi getting ready to summon his shikigami. "You're no longer human. Under Jujutsu regulations, Itadori Yuji, we will exorcise you as a curse!"
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