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King (jjk x male reader)

Chapter 2

"Under Jujutsu regulations, Itadori Yuji, we will exorcise you as a curse!"

There you two stood as your shikigami waited for your command yet twitches here and there.

"Wait really. I'm just fine! More importantly, you two and I are pretty up. Let's go to a hospital" you saw the markings fade away as it sound like Yuji.

You couldn't tell if Yuji was really in control of Sukuna or is being used. He now became Sukuna's vessel.

"What's the situation?" A new voice came as you and Megumi knew who it belonged to.

"Gojo-sensei?! Why are you here?" Megumi says as you returned your shikigami. It seems you won't be needing it since Gojo was here.

"Hey. I wasn't planning on coming but man, you're roughed up. I should show the second-years" Gojo then started to take pictures of both of you.

"The higher-ups wouldn't shut up with a special-grade cursed object gone missing. So I stopped by while doing some sightseeing. So, did you find it?" Gojo looked at both of you as Megumi looked away while you just chuckle nervously.

"Um..." Yuji gets Gojo's attention "Sorry, but I ate it"

"For real?"

"For real"

Gojo walked over to Yuji as he examined him while you two stayed where you were. You looked at Megumi as he didn't move but just nodded telling you not to do anything.

"Damn, it really did combine with you. That's hilarious. Anything off with your body?" Gojo back away as he asked Yuji.

"Not particularly"

"Can you swap out with Sukuna?"


"The curse you ate"

"Oh...yeah. I think I can do that"

"Then give us ten seconds" Gojo started to stretch as you just moved closer to Megumi knowing what he was up to. "Once ten seconds are up, come back to us"

"But..." Yuji tried to reason with Gojo after what he knew what the curse he ate could do.

"Don't worry, I'm the strongest. Megumi, hold on to this" Gojo tossed Megumi a bag.

"What is it?"

"Kikufuku from Kikusuian. It's Sendai's specialty, and it's super good. I recommend the zunda and cream flavor" Gojo says.

'He actually went to buy souvenirs while we are dying!'
You just glared at Gojo as he chuckles at your expression.

"It's not a souvenir. I'm going to eat it on the bullet train home" Gojo says as you see Yuji jumping up. His eyes were red as it seems the markings were back. It was Sukuna.

"Behind you!"

"Kikufuku's not like other souvenirs..." Gojo was cut off but Sukuna attacking him.

You felt being pulled back as dust covered your view. Once the dust was gone you saw Megumi holding you close but looking to where Gojo was you were met by Sukuna's face barely a few inches away.

Gojo was sitting on Sukuna as he continued "And the whipped cream inside is simply exquisite"

Sukuna turns around as Gojo just up before dodging his attack. He continued to dodge easily as he seemed to say something to him.

Before Sukuna could get Gojo he seem to disappear and reappear in front of him. He grabbed his arm before bringing his hand down. Sukuna was able to get out of his grip as he was in mid air. Gojo used that to his advantage sending him sflying to the other side of the bridge.

"For crying out loud...you jujutsu sorcerers are always trouble, no matter the era!" Sukuna used his cursed energy as it was seen around his fist. He brought it down as it destroyed part of the bridge as the building behind it.

The dust cleared up by Gojo as he started to count "seven...eight...nine...should be time"

The markings slowly faded away as Yuji seemed to return "Oh, was everything okay?"

"I'm shocked. You really can control it" Gojo puts his hand down as the pieces of rubble fell.

"He's kind of annoying, though. I can hear his voice" Yuji hits his head as Gojo walked towards him.

"It's a miracle that's all he's doing" Gojo brought two of his fingers to Yuji's forehead. He knocked him out as he caught Yuji before he fell to the ground.

"What did you do?" Megumi was the first to talk.

"Knocked him out. If he isn't possessed by Sukuna when he wakes up, he might have potential as a vessel. Now, I have a question for you two. What should we do with him?" Gojo asked.

"Even if he is a vessel, jujutsu regulations demand Itadori be executed. However... I don't want him to die" Megumi says.

Gojo looked at you. He didn't expect you to say anything as you didn't talk with many unless it were those that were at the school. He seemed surprised when you didn't want him to be killed.

"I want him to live"

"Your personal feelings?"

"Yes. Please do something about this"

"Now it's a request from two precious students. Leave it to me!"


"Can you all shut up! I'm trying to sleep here!"

You walked out of your room to see Megumi, Yuji, and Gojo outside in the halls. You've returned to school as you were resting after what happened yesterday and you didn't want to hear them outside of your room.

Yuji was the first to talk as he smiled seeing you were fine "Good to see your well l/n!"

You sigh as Megumi just points at his arm. You realized what he meant as you saw you had a regular shirt and shorts. Yuji could see your seals.

Before they could say anything else you closed the door in their faces. Yuji was confused, Gojo laughing and Megumi sighing.

"s-Shut up Gojo-sensei!" You yelled from the other side as he continued to laugh.

After a few minutes you came out with some sweats and a hoodie. Megumi looked at you before nodding as it seems your seals were covered.

"Anyway why are you all in front of my room?" You asked.

"Well Itadori is will now be a student here! Now that you are all together we'll be heading out tomorrow! We're going to go pick up the fourth first-year" Gojo inform you all before leaving.

"So seems like they let you live" you turned to Yuji as he nodded.

"Now I don't want to hear you while I sleep. I need to rest because of your dumbass deciding to take that curse away from the box" you say as you went back into your room.

"Hehe yeah" Yuji laughed nervously as he and Megumi watched you close the door.

"Try not to scare him while his shikigami is out or you'll die" Megumi warns him as he walked into his room.

Yuji just stood there as he then realized there was much to know about you two and curses.


"I swear today as your turn to cook"

You were all in the cafeteria as you walked out with Megumi helping you carry the food. Since you had a new addition you had make more than usual.

"Well nobody can say no to your cooking. It's better than what Gojo-sensei makes" Megumi says as Gojo acts as he was hurt while Yuji just stared at the food.

"You wounded me!"

Yuji just laughed at Gojo while you sigh at him.

"Stop playing around and eat before I decided to kick you out" you sat down as Megumi sat next to you.

"This is so good!" Yuji says as he counties to stuff his face.

"M/n's food is always the best. You should wait until it's the holidays, he goes all out" Gojo tells Yuji as you and Megumi eat like normal human beings.

"If you want something Itadori, just tell me" you say.

"Why can he give requests and not me?" Gojo points as you just look away, whistling.

"Since you've eaten my ice cream, made fun of me, destroyed my weapons, clothes, phone, and many more things I've decided until you get me new ones I many let you choose what we eat for dinner" you say as Gojo agreed.

"Hey l/n can I ask you something?" Yuji asked as you nodded, grabbed the plate Megumi passed to you.

"Why are there tattoos on your arm and legs?"

It was silent as you just placed your utensils down. Megumi just glared at Yuji as he just holds his hand up.

Yuji realized how the atmosphere changed dramatically after he asked "Sorry! You don't have-"

"It's part of my technique. It's actually seal all around my body. Its where my shikigami and cursed weapons can be stored" you say as you remember how you had to live due to it.

Gojo has found you in the middle of a empty town. He was sent due to people dying in the area due to a curse but he never expected it to be a kid.

He saw you sitting on the floor, in the middle of the road next to a corpse. Your shikigami was seen next to you as it's head turn to Gojo. It's face was pitch back as it screeched at him.

Once Gojo finished with your shikigami he then walked over to you as he saw your seals. You just had a dirty shirt on as your small legs and arms had black seal over them.

"So your the one that caused all of this. How about I take you with me, your to cute to be left here" Gojo picked you up as you didn't even fight back.

"I'm sorry" he heard you quietly say as your small hands gripped his uniform.

"Don't worry. You couldn't control it. Now let's get you something to eat, your so thin and light" Gojo walked away as he carried you away from the town

"Well I'm not used to people seeing them but I'm trying to get used to it" you mumble as you return to eat.

Not a word was said for the rest of dinner as you got up taking the dishes once everyone was done. After you finished cleaning you walked out to find a few white bunnies moving towards you.

Not even a second later you were carrying them towards your room with a smile. Yet around the corner Megumi just stood there as he nodded to himself before leaving towards his own room.


"How are there only four first-years? Isn't that too few?"

"Well, have you ever met anyone who can see curses before?"

There you three stood as you waited for Gojo to come back. Yuji was in his new uniform as it was similar to Megumi but had a red hood.


"That proves how small a minority jujutsu sorcerers are" Megumi answered Yuji's question.

"Also, didn't you say I was the third?"

"Their entry was decided a while ago. You know what our school's like. Everyone has unique circumstances" Megumi says.

"Sorry for the wait. Oh?" You turned over to see Gojo walking over. "Your uniform made it in time, I see"

"Yeah, it's a perfect fit. Thought it's slightly different from Fushiguro's. It has a hood, for one" Yuji gripped the hood.

"That's because the uniforms can be customized upon request" Gojo tells Yuji.

"Huh? But I never put in any requests"

"I was the one who put in the custom order" Gojo says.

"Whatever, I guess" Yuji didn't seem bothered by that.

"Be careful. Gojo-sensei has a tendency to do things like that. More importantly, why are we meeting up in Harajuku?" Megumi warns Yuji before turning to Gojo.

"Because it's what she asked for" Gojo says.

Now you four were looking at your classmate arguing with a man. To saw you weren't expecting was that she already had shopping bags. Guess that's why you all were to meet her here.

"We're going to go talk with her? This is kinda embarrassing" Yuji says as he was wearing some sunglasses with the words Rock and holds up a bag of popcorn and ice cream.

"Tch. So are you" Megumi says as Yuji just ignored him and handed you the ice cream.

"Hey! Over here!" Gojo called for the girl.

You all walked over to the public lockers as the girl puts her stuff away and locked it. Once she was down Gojo began to talk.

"Okay, once again"

"Kugisaki Nobara. Be happy, boys. I'm the one woman of your group" the girl or Nobara introduces herself to you all.

"I'm Itadori Yuji. I'm from Sendai"

"Fushiguro Megumi"

"L/n m/n"

‘He looks like a potato. He's definitely the type that ate his own boogers as a kid' Nobara turned to Megumi ‘And only a name here? I can't stand high-and-mighty dudes. I bet he likes setting oil-slicked gulls on fire' she then turn to you as you hid behind Megumi a bit 'He acts like a mice hiding from a cat. Definitely gets picked on during his times in class.'

She sighs "I always get stuck with unfortunate circumstances"

"She took one look and sighed"

"Are we going somewhere from here?" Megumi asked Gojo.

Gojo just laughed a bit which got your attention " We do have all four of you together. Not to mention, two of you are from the countryside. So of course we're going on a tour of Tokyo!"

You couldn't believe him as Yuji and Nobara started cheering.

‘Should have expected something like this’ you think as you see Yuji and Nobara cheering with Gojo.
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