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Never Be Enough


Evalynn Taylor is 18, and she hasn't had the best life. When her biological father comes after her she ends up living on the streets. Until she runs into P.T. Barnum. She ends up staying with the Barnum family. What happens when the person she falls in love with loves someone else?

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Evalynn Taylor was an 18 year old girl. She was tall with brown hair, and tan skin. She was pretty. Except for two things. Her eyes ,which were an unnatural shade of magenta, and the scars that littered her body. She got the scars from the man who called himself her father. They were related by blood, but he didn't mean anything to her. Not after all the years of abuse and neglect.

Her mom died in a house fire when she was six. She managed to make it out alive so her dad blamed her for her mother's death. For the next five years he abused her. He would hit her and if he was in a real bad mood he would bring out his knife and for each thing she did wrong, was one cut. When she turned 11 he had finally had enough of pretending to be a perfect family outside of the house and dropped her off at an orphanage for girls and was never seen again. Until one night a few days before her 18th birthday.

The girls were sat around the dining room table eating dinner when a strange man came running in looking for his daughter. They all thought it was strange seeing as they were all orphans. The head of the house (a middle aged women with short red hair and pale skin and blue eyes that they all called Mrs. Smith) walked into the lobby and tried to get the man to leave. Evalynn was listening to their conversation which consisted of her trying to get the man to leave and him insisting on seeing his daughter. She thought the man sounded familiar so she got up and took a peek around the corner. He looked familiar, but she couldn't quite remember who he was. The man saw her peeking around the corner and he suddenly stopped talking.

"Oh Eva," he whispered. "I've come to take you home." She immediately realized who it was and her blood ran cold.

"Dad?" She whispered.

She couldn't remember what happened between that moment and her ending up in the alley. All she remembered was running and running until she couldn't run anymore. She knew she regretted not grabbing anything on her way out, but she also didn't want to risk him getting to her.

She was running down another alley way when she crashed into someone. She fell backwards onto the ground and tried to catch herself but her arms gave out.

"What is the meaning of this?" The man asked in a loud angry voice that made Evalynn flinch as she stood back up.

"I'm sorry sir. It was an accident." She said, barley above a whisper.

"Move girl! We have placed to be!" The women shouted.

She trued to stammer out another apology, but the old couple pushed her out of the way, causing her to stumble.

"Come on Philip. Lets go. We don't need to be seen around this filth."

Normally those words would hurt her. The couple was obviously upper class and very rich. She didn't care for their words at the moment though. Her thoughts were still on her dad. What if he found her here?

Philip, who she assumed was the couples kid approached her.

"Hi, I'm Philip Carlyle." He stuck out his hand and waited for her to shake it.

She reluctantly shook his hand. "I'm Evalynn." She was confused. Why was he talking to her? Was he planning something. Her flight or fight kicked in and she was ready to run away if she needed to.

"I'm sorry about my parents. They don't understand anyone who doesn't have lots of money."

"That's obvious." She said. They both chuckled.

"May I ask what tour doing running through alley ways at this hour of the night?" He asked, concern for the girl flashing in his eyes.

"Just running errands. I was in a hurry to get home." She smiled. Lying through her teeth. She wouldn't dare tell someone she just met what was going on. She couldn't be sure if he was genuinely concerned or if her father sent him to get her for him. The thought of her father made fear flash in her eyes.

"I have to go." She said pushing past Philip.

"It was nice meeting you Evalynn. Hopefully the next time we meet will be under better circumstances." He turned to look at her as she tried to walk away.

"You too, Philip Carlyle." And with that she jogged down the alleyway and jogged until she found a nice place to sleep for the night. She could say she hated having to sleep on the street, but she didn't. Anything was better than being back with her dad.

Philip watched as she jogged down the alleyway. He slowly turned around and walking to catch up with his parents. But he wanted so badly to talk to Evalynn and he didn't know why. Maybe he could find out where she lives and they could get to know one another. All he knew was that his parents couldn't know about it.
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