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Pretty girl || Pansy Parkinson


Should I forget about her? I mean even if I really liked her that way, she is just too perfect for me. I’m sure she could have anyone she wanted. Every girl boy and nonbinary pal in the whole fucking school is in love with her. If she could have anyone, why would she choose me?

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“You’re so fucking beautiful Pansy” I said before stamping another kiss her soft lips, she lifts me up and place me on one of the desks in our dorm, Pansy take out my tie and kiss me again while unbuttoning my blouse, her hands make their way to my hips while her mouth travels though my jawline and neck until it reaches my breasts, while soft moans leave my mouth.

I felt someone shaking me, “Sofia wake up”, it was Harry, my cousin, almost my brother since we are the same age and do mostly everything together. He has been staying with us for the summer, since my dad, Sirius black, is his legal guardian.

I sit up in my bed and look at Harry “breakfast is ready, hurry up and get downstairs” with that the raven haired boy left my room and headed downstairs.

I looked at my side table and grabbed a picture of me and my best friends. We took it in third year. Pansy Párkinson and Hermione Granger, they really despise each other, they hardly ever talk and when they do they end up arguing, they only took that picture because it was my birthday, it was almost impossible to convince them. Hermione had her brown fluffy hair into a messy bun and was wearing a pink sweater with a tennis white skirt; I was wearing green converse with a white turtleneck, light blue jeans and a green sweatshirt; while Pansy had that beautiful short black straight hair that goes until her shoulders with a white cardigan, a black denim skirt and some Hello Kitty Dr. Martens I got her for her birthday, she loves Sanrio and was really happy when I gave them to her. ‘She looked so cute in that picture’ I thought letting out a sight.

I went downstairs and saw Harry already having breakfast, “Good morning Sofie” my fathers Remus and Sirius said at the same time, I didn’t answer.

My mind was off thinking about my last night dream. I always thought Pansy was prettier than most people, she actually was one of the people that made me realize I like girls, I’ve never told her that though.

I hadn’t told anyone I like girls. I’m not sure why, I mean most of my friends and family are part of th lgbtq+ community, even my parents, a bisexual and a gay man.

I am really close with both of them, maybe a little closer with Remus, I mean I did live just with Moony until I was like in third year. The same year everyone found out that Scabbers was actually Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black was innocent. Since then the four of us have been a family.

I sat down and started eating the pancakes that probably Moony had made, he’s the onlu one in this house that can cook.

I remember last year, Remus had to go and visit a friend in Ireland so Sirius, Harry and I decided that it was a good idea to bake a cake. Oh boy, we were wrong, we almost burned the house up. Remus was really mad at Sirius and made him sleep on the couch for a week.

“Are you ok Sofia?” Sirius asked, ‘yeah, you seem a little zoned out’ said Remus. ‘Maybe is the fact that I was dreaming about making out with my best friend for the fifth time since we went on summer break that got me like this’ I thought. Obviously I wasn’t going to say that to my family so I just shook my head in response, ‘I’m just a little tired’ I said without taking my eyes from my breakfast.

‘I told you not to buy her all those books’ Mooney said to Padfoot, he wasn’t all wrong, I did stay up reading a series of muggle books called “the selection” by Kiera Cass. You can’t blame me, they are really good books. I only like the first three though, the last too were kind of boring.

“Or maybe she’s just excited to see her boyfriend George,” said Harry trying to annoy me. I forgot we were supposed to meet the Weasleys today at Diagon Alley to buy our school supplies. “I’m not dating George, he’s just one of my best friends and I want to keep it like that” I did have a little thing with Georgie last year, but now it is over. We actually never told anyone about our thing, except from Fred obviously. He was the first boy that took me on a date, and my first kiss, it was nice while it lasted but we both stopped feeling things for each other a while ago, we’re still best friends though.

“But you’re always with him” said Harry, “And you are always third wheeling ’Mione and Ron, Does that means you like one of them?” I said with a smirk on my face and Sirius laughed “I hang with them because they’re my best frie…… oh, I got your point. Wait, what do you mean by third wheeling?”. Oops, I think I said a little more than I should have said, ‘Nothing Harry, just forget about it’ with that I finished my breakfast and headed upstairs to get ready.

We were in Diagon waiting for the Weasleys. I was looking at some books when someone spooned me around, it was Hermione, I hugged her back.

“Hey ’Mione, How was your summer?” I asked placing a book I was reading on the table, “It was nice, I’ve been spending some days at the Weasley’s, so it has been pretty fun” a smirk made its way to my lips, “So at the Weasley’s huh?” I asked, teasing her a bit, I know she has been in love with a certain red head since first year, “Did anything happen with Ron?” I asked, hitting her shoulder playfully. Hermione started blushing and was about to tell me something when two tall figures approached me and hugged me from the back and hugged back.

“Hey shortie” said Fred “How was your summer?” asked George. The twins were my best friends, they always were there for me, I always hang out with them while the golden trio were plotting new ways to get killed, or fighting you know who as they said.

“Hey boys, Freddie, I told you not to call me shortie” They gave me that nickname because they say I’m short. I know I’m not as tall as them, but 5’4 it’s not that short. It’s just that they are giants. All theWeasleys are tall, except for Molly. She’s almost my height.

“You can’t blame us Soff, you’re just really short” said Fred while I rolled my eyes, “Wait, how come you always get our names right? Not even our mom gets our names right” asked George “It’s a gift” I said with a smile.

“Sofia dear” Molly hugged me “Hi Mrs. Weasley, How are you?” I asked, she is my favorite Weasley, she is like my mom, not that I need one, my dads are more than enough; But Mrs. Weasley was always there for me like I was her kid. “Fine dear, and I had told you, please call me Molly” “Sorry, Molly”.

“Sofieeeee” It was Ginny. I hugged her, she’s like my little sister, even though the twins are my best friend, I’m closer to Ginny, maybe cause she’s a girl and there’s somethings I can’t tell the boys cause they get really overprotective. “Hey Gin” I said “You’re staying at the burrow the rest of the summer right?” She asked, I nodded.

“Wait, I’m missing someone, where’s Ronald?” I asked looking for the red head “There he is” I said when I spotted him, he was eating as always, I can’t complain, if I could right now I would be eating ice cream. “Ronaaaald” I said while hugging him “Sofiaaaa” I rolled my eyes and hit him playfully on the arm, “Hey what was that for?” he asked rubbing his arm “You prefer eating than saying hi to me, you hadn’t seen me over a month” “if you want me to say hi, then don’t call me Ronald” he said taking another candy. “What ’s that?” I asked, pointing to the candy, “Gummy bears, want some?” he said handing me the bag with the red gummy bears “I should take them Sofie, he never shares food” said Harry, I left out a chuckle “Who gave the gummy bears to you?” I asked “Fred and George, do you want some or not?” he said taking another one from the bag “The twins?, then nope, sorry I’m not trying to get poisoned” I said laughing a bit “You’re right, I should stop eating them”

We got all our school supplies and went to the burrow to spend the last week of summer.

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