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What Changed Her


"How could you not tell me my bestfriend was dead, Dad?" I croaked. "Addilyn..." The question is... is Cedric truly dead? I do not own any of these characters, everyone you see that belongs to the Harry Potter universe belongs to J.K. Rowling and everyone you see from the originals or vampire diaries i also do not own. The only character I own is Addilyn Mikealson! ⚠️TW⚠️ mentions of abuse

Drama / Adventure
erm yeah
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Cedric Diggory’s Death

~I solemly swear that I am up to no good~
A/N: this isn't exactly how Cedric Died. Just saying, so don't come at me for "getting it wrong." I wanted to change things up a bit.

Harry Potters POV:
Where are we? Its so dark... but I recognize this from somewhere... its a graveyard? Werent we supposed to go back to the beggining of the maze?
"Harry, where are we?" Oh, right, Cedric. But what can I tell him? Somewhere from my dreams?
"I dont know Cedric." Silence. Thats when I see him and I know exactly whats going on, Peter Pettigrew. The person that betrayed my parents. All of a sudden I cant move, im trapped. I saw Cedric run towards me and all I hear was "Avada Kadavra". No...the killing curse...Cedrics dead. I look towards Peter as he is lifting up a thing in a blanket... it looks like a baby? No, thats not it... it looks too ugly to be a baby.
Then it dawns on me, Voldemort. Peter is bringing him back. Peter puts the "baby" into the pot in the middle of the graveyard. My mind is on overdrive to hear anything he is saying, something about bones of the father and flesh of the servant?
Then hes walking towards me, and he puts a knife into my arm. He takes the knife and drops some of my blood into the pot. The liquid in the pot then turns dark red, like a pot full of blood, and then it lights on fire. Whats happening? The pot then disintegrates and Voldemort was just floating in the air, but he was gradually getting bigger. I knew what was happening then, Voldemort was coming back. Then this cloak of black smoke envelopes him and turns into his clothes. When he finally took form he kind of looked like a snake? He had beady little eyes and slits for a nose. He was really pale and he had no hair. This is not what I imagined him looking like.
"My wand, Wormtail." I hear him whisper, Peter bows as he hands him his wand. You have got to be kidding me.
"Hold out your arm."
"Master." For real? They call him Master? This is gradually getting more sickening.
"Thank you, Master." I thought his appearance was gross, but this?
"The other arm, Wormtail." I see a disappointed look on his face? What was he expecting? He holds out his arm as instructed and Voldemort holds his wand to his wrist. Im not really sure what he was doing but it didnt look good. The sky darkened and what looked like a skull appeared in the sky. All of a sudden these dark streaks started lining the sky and coming into the graveyard.
They turned into people and slowly started taking off their masks, I recognize these masks, death eaters.
When Voldemort gets to the last one, I recognize him, of course its Lucius Malfoy. All of a sudden I can move again and Voldemort is talking to me, Im not really paying attention to what hes saying. But then he shoots a spell at me, I shoot the spell back and our spells meet in the middle. His slowly starts making its way towards me and thats when I see him, Cedric.
"Take my body back, take my body back to my father will you? Also tell Addilyn I love her."
Addilyn? I didnt know anyone named Addilyn that went to our school? But then I saw an opening, I stopped the spell and ran towards the cup and grabbed Cedric.
I made it, back to the maze, all of a sudden I hear chearing and music... this isnt something to be celebrating over. Im crying over his body, soon people start noticing and I hear, "Thats my son! Thats my boy!" I couldnt help but be more heartbroken, then im ripped away from him. I have to find Addilyn.

~Mischief Managed~
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