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Katsuki Bakugou

"Kacchan stay with me and cuddle," I whine. Katsuki is currently sitting on the edge of our bed clad in only his briefs. He woke up early today despite not having to go to work. "But I feel like doing something," he groggily replied. "Then come cuddle~" I whine again.

He looks back at me with tiredness masking his face. "See! You still look tired. Come here," I reach my arms out and flex my fingers back and forth. He sits there for a moment, still silent. Then he gives in and crawls back over to me. He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me up against his toned body. We're laying on our sides now, him on his right and me on my left. I gently rest my head on his chest, breathing in his scent. He always smells good, fresh but with a hint of firey warmth.

"You smell really good baby," I whisper. "Of course I do. I always smell good," he says brimming with pride and confidence. I giggle slightly and move my right leg in between his and capture his right leg in both of mine. "Needy huh?" Katsuki teases. Two can play this game. "Yeah, and only for you," I tease back. I can feel him tense up slightly and I giggle again.

Suddenly he roles me on my back and puts his dead weight on me. "Ack! Kacchan, get offfff," I whine still feeling the effects of tiredness on my body. He doesn't say anything and he doesn't budge either. "Kacchan offfff," I say with a squeak when he kisses my neck. I stop for a moment so I can feel him pleasure me more but he doesn't.

"You're mean Kacchan," I pout feeling his heavy body on mine. "But you still love me," he retorts huskily. I gulp in fear of what his intentions entail. He kisses my neck gently again and I heat up as bright as a stoplight. "You like it, hmm?" he asks and licks over the spot he kissed. "S-stop being such a tease Kacchan," I plea.

"Not a chance," he denies before starting to suck on my skin. I let out a groan of pleasure, and he leaves no intention of stopping. I try to wiggle out from under him but he stops me by realigning his body, slightly pushing himself up, and pinning my arms next to my head. "Kacchan, stop it~" I untruthfully say.

After finishing his mark he lifts his face out of the crook of my neck. "You look like you want more, liar," he responds understanding my true desire. He leans in close to my face and kisses me swiftly. He's hungry, and his hunger can only be satisfied by me. So as our lips dance, he starts to slowly, softly grind on me and I can't help but whimper at the feeling of him.

In Y/N's mind~

Ever since I met Katsuki he's been a hot-headed, prideful, instinctual person who wasn't true friends with anybody. That was until I met him when we both signed onto the same hero agency. When he first glanced at me, he didn't have a second thought about it. But when it came down to training and regularly sparing, I was untouchable.

I mean it in both a literal and figurative sense. My quirk is called see-through. At will I can make my body untouchable but still visible. Kind of like water, but you can't feel me when I will myself to become see-through. I also didn't let Kacchan get the best of me whenever he felt like it.

It was the first time we had sparred that he kept a close eye on me. He knew that despite never having seen me before, he wanted to get as close as he could to me. I was almost like a prize for him as he described it. Although he did say my quirk was and is annoying.

After almost a year of pursuing me, I gave into one measly night out. He introduced me to some of his old classmates and we all had a great dinner. Then he took me to a wonderful place that he said was somewhere he went to cool off. Nobody knew about it but him and then me.

I basically gave into dating him because I realized that he had a soft heart. That he really cared for his friends. And that what he was feeling for me was real. Real love, not the fake kind in fairytales and such. So as he's kissing me right now, showing me how he feels, I kiss back with an equivalent amount of passion. Because I really do love Katsuki.


I attempt to press myself closer to Kacchan but he presses down on me instead. I'm very glad that he doesn't feel like teasing me any more and is letting his desire override. Katsuki lifts his lips away from mine so he can catch his breath as well as let me catch my own. He releases his grip on my wrists and I immediately grab his face and attach his lips to mine. He kisses back nibbling on my bottom lip, asking for entrance.

I happily grant him access. As we continue kissing he draws my own tongue into his mouth and sucks. I moan into the kiss feeling pure ecstacy. He keeps grinding and I feel his member getting harder every time he comes in contact with my lower region. Katsuki pulls away from my lips to make another mark, this time on my collarbone. I breathe heavily before saying anything. "Look who's needy now," I taunt, still heaving.

He bites down on my skin in response and I groan at the pain and pleasure. Kacchan has always been skilled at this kind of stuff, and how so is a complete mystery to me because he admitted that I'm his first girlfriend. It doesn't really matter though because it's enough to satisfy me; he'll always be able to satisfy me.

"Y/N," he says panting. "Y-yeah Kacchan?" I say heaving breaths of my own. " I love you very much," he says resting his head on my chest. I blush at his statement, "I-I love you t-too Kacchan," I struggle to reply. Katsuki wraps his arms around me, letting his pride slip away. "Don't ever leave me Y/N. I will only ever want you."
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