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Denki Kaminari


That's all you could hear in Kaminari's dorm room. He turns around as far as he can, staring incredulously at me. "What was that for!?" he suddenly shouts at me. I roll backwards onto Denki's legs laughing extremely hard. His reaction was priceless! Denki removes himself from under me. "That friggin hurt Y/N!" he exclaims with a pout.

I don't stop laughing, "It was so funny though!" I retort holding onto my sore stomach. He sits at the opposite end of his bed, crossing his arms and making a pouty face. I start wheezing in an attempt to cease my laughing.

I sit up, finally looking at Denki again. He looks super adorable when he pouts. I crawl over to him, wrapping my arms around his torso, placing my head on his thigh, and sprawling across his bed. "It was too hard to resist Bubba," I say trying to defend myself. He doesn't respond.

I take the moment to bite the exposed part of his thigh, pushing his shorts up a bit with my nose. "Ahhh! Y/N, what the hell-" he stops suddenly as I lick over the spot that I bit. His faces goes red in an instant. I giggle and bury my face into his stomach. His shirt smells really good. So I bite his nonexposed stomach.

"Agghh! What is wrong with you today!?" Denki complains taking my face in his hands, forcing me to let go of his shirt and skin I snagged. "I feel horny," I reply with no shame. His blush gets a million shades darker and spreads throughout his whole body. "Y-you could have just told me that first, i-instead of biting me," he replies scratching his cheek awkwardly.

I fold my legs up and under me, leveling my eyes with Denki's. I lean forward putting my hands on his thighs and getting closer to his face. He faces me again, still blushing madly. I lean in even closer, about to kiss his lips when I prank him and kiss him on the cheek instead. He sits there for a few seconds, waiting for me to kiss him but I get off his bed instead.

He opens his eyes to me no longer being in front of him. I burst out into a second tantrum of laughter. "Why is it so easy!!?" I squeal while still laughing. Denki glares at me unamused. Then he suddenly gets up and walks closer. I'm still on my guard as he stands in front of me. Wheezing once again, I try to stop laughing.

Suddenly Denki scoops me up over his shoulder. This surprises and works perfectly to stop my giggle fit. "What are you doingggg?" I ask when he spanks my arse, using a little bit of his electrification. "Aaaaaahhhhhh!" I shout and push my arms against his back which sends my top half up.

"What the-" I start but am soon interrupted. "You did it earlier may I remind you," he pauses to flop me onto his bed, "and you did it way harder as well." I turn my face away with an obvious blush. He crawls on top of me, pressing his body against mine.

He leans in towards my ear, "Don't you dare start acting like you don't want it. You said so yourself that you're horny. Do you know how much of a friggin turn-on that is?" he stresses. I gulp at his sudden dominant attitude. We haven't been dating long. Maybe a month or so.

"B-but I don't use my quirk on you!" I retort like a little kid. He stares at me blankly. "I could always just spank you extremely hard then," he threatens. I shake my head no. "Then don't complain," he whispers next to my ear. He moves his head further down; I feel his hot breath on my neck.

He takes a gentle nip at the spot where my jaw connects to my neck. He starts to suck, intending on leaving a hickey. "D-denki, everybody will see," I stutter. "Good," he replies huskily. If that love mark didn't already dragged me in, then his sexy husky voice did. He pulls away from my neck to kiss me. It's hungry and ravenous, our heads moving in rhythm.

He pulls away to yank his shirt off. Immediately reconnecting our lips. Then he tugs at my shirt which I also take off, exposing my f/c bra. He sits up, dragging me onto his lap for better access to my breasts. He sucks and nips the skin above my bra and I shiver at the feeling, grabbing his neck to pull him closer. When he finishes his third hickey I tug at the waistband of his shorts.

He unlaces them, kicking them onto the floor. He reposition me on his lap and we restart our more than hot make-out session. I feel like we might go all the way this time, make something more of our relationship. I'm about to take off my shorts when there's a knock at Denki's door.

"Hey, Kaminari?" Kirishima's voice sounds through the wood. "Crap," Denki mutters. He quickly but gently pushes me off of his lap to grab our clothes. He tosses me one of his shirts and puts his shirt and shorts back on. I notice that my shirt is nowhere to be seen. Denki walks up to the door and opens it to speak with Kirishima.

When he closes the door and faces me, he gives me a disappointed and sad expression. "What's up?" I ask. He sighs, "I totally forgot that I promised to practice with the guys," he whines. I make a small pouty face but know exactly what I can say to encourage him.

"Well you better hurry your ass up then if you wanna get some afterwards," he looks at me knowing exactly what I mean. He runs to his closet, grabbing a duffel bag, and sprinting to the door. "Love you Y/N! See you in an hour!" he calls out to me before closing the door. I giggle again at his behavior. Now, I need to find my shirt.
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