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Part 1:The Beginning

It was that time of year again. To go back to school. I was somewhat excited I guess you could say. I mean I really didn't know why, I missed my friends yes. But something about this year would be different. I had my amazing boyfriend Cedric. And everything seemed to fall into place. Well at least I hoped. I got onto the train trying to find Cedric. I missed him the most. It felt like forever. I saw him near the end of the box car.

"Cedric!" I ran over to hug him. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too Nicole. So how'd your summer go."

"It was pretty boring to say the least. I mean we didn't really do anything fun. What about you?"

"I went with the Weasleys too see the Quittich World Cup."

"Oh my godrick lucky! You know how much I love Quittich."

"Yes I know. Well come on have a seat. It'll be a long ride to school."

"Cedric I'd love too. But I have to go talk to Hermione and Harry. I'll catch you later?"
He kissed my cheek, "Ok darling. See you later." I walked out and headed to find Harry. I needed to talk to him. We were in different houses and I never really got to see him. While I was looking around I bumped into someone, "Shit im so sorry."

I felt a cold stare watching me, "Watch were you're going Nicole." Draco? Of course he was being the complete ass he was. "Draco I'm sorry."

"Yeah you should be." I walked as fast as I could to find Hermione. And finally I found her, "Hermione. I've been looking for you."

"Ok well don't just Stand in the door way sit." I sat down next to her. "Guess who I ran into on my way here." She had a look of horror on her face, "Oh don't tell me."

"Yeah I know. Malfoy,and he was such an ass 'bout it. I accidentally bumped into him and he seemed like he wanted to kill me."

Harry put his hands on his thighs, "Well that's Malfoy for you a complete ass." The ride seemed to fly by. Before I knew it we were already there. I was glad that my two roommates had dropped out.

"Well it was lovely chatting with you guys. But I have to get going. I'll see you at dinner." I waved goodbye to my friends, grabbed my stuff and headed to the Slytherin common room. I walked in and headed towards my dorm. I was excited for this year. Finally a room by myself. It was amazing. But another year of school still sucked. I unpacked my trunk and started to put my clothes away. I put my ashtray on the side of my bed. Yes I know that smoking on school grounds was bad but it was an anxiety relief. It really did help for when I needed it most. Besides I could be doing worse things than that.I changed into a Slytherin sweater and kept on my black skirt and headed towards the great hall. I really didn't like that many people in my house. Yeah I was a Pureblood, in this house that means everything. If I didn't I would've been hexed by now. I was excited to see Cedric. We've been dating for a few months. He was a seventh year. But who cares. I mean yeah I was young compared to him. He was much taller than me much bigger than me. I had a nice body. But so what. Cedric liked me for me. He didn't compare me to anyone. He was the sweet nice guy. Whereas I was the dark and depressing. I guess they say opposites attract right. I sat down at the Slytherin table, Cedric was busy talking to his friends. So I didn't want to interrupt him. At least I brought a book right? It would keep me busy. I was really into my book when I felt someone glaring at me. I looked up from my book and I saw Draco staring at me, "What you want Malfoy?"

"Nothing." Ok then. I continued to read my book. I wasn't really hungry so I didn't eat. Dinner was over so I grabbed my book and went back into the common room. I sat on the couch, opened my book and was in my own little world. Draco sat next to me, "What are you reading?"

"None of your business Malfoy. What do you want?"

He moved closer, "You know. I can be quite more interesting than that Diggory boy of yours." I pushed away, "No thank you. To be honest I don't want you. I know every girl does. But I'm in a relationship with a good guy. And I don't understand what you think you're doing. Flirting with me."

"Oh come on Nicole. We both now Diggorys a load of bullocks. Come on."

"No Draco. I'm just not interested go shag Pansy instead." I got up and walked away. All I wanted to do was read. I mean. It was quite nice to be around draco. No what the bloody hell is wrong with me? Im in a happy relationship with Cedric.I basically jumped into bed. I really didn't care about falling asleep in my clothes.

I had to think about what had just happened. Draco. The man that I have absolutely hated for the last few years was flirting and tried something with me. Is it because I'm the only girl that doesn't want him? Like godrick forbid some girl doesn't have a crush on Draco malfoy.
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