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Strictly Dean Winchester Smut


Dean finally admits his feelings for Ray. A hunter he's known for years.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

It had been a long yet fairly uneventful day of research with Dean. Sam was out of state investigating a case in Kansas. Dean and I hung back in Colorado piecing together a nest of Vamps we'd heard rumors of. Today was somewhat of an off day for us. We layed around in bed and watched TV. The weather was a downpour thunder and all. We had been forced to share a double bed as this was the only room available. I didn't mind but Dean seemed a bit bothered. Either way he eased up and we had a fun time drinking and talking for hours. I plopped down on the bed beside him and snuggled up to him. This wasn't something I'd normally do but I'd had a few drinks already.

"I'm freezing." I said with a shiver. He was so warm and his skin was so soft. He flinched a bit and moved away.
"Dean what's wrong?" I asked.
"Nothing it's fine." He said too casually. He stood and put his sweatshirt on.
"No... what's going on? I dont do this beating-around-the-bush shit Dean." I pushed.
He ignored me and walked into the bathroom and closed the door a little too aggressively. That wasn't like him.
A few minutes later he returned and sat in the chair at the small table by the window.
"Look... Ray. I can't do the touching and the laughing and-"
"What are you talking about Dean?"
"Ray ...I'm attracted to you.... a hell of a lot. And I just can't get close... closer than we already are. It's not safe for either if us."
I'm sorry what did he just say? I'd always thought of Dean that way. But I never said anything. I knew he was a one night stand kind of guy and I was already in love with him.. but... he's attracted to me? Shit. It's all downhill from here. I already know.
"Why didn't you say something?" I asked.
He stared at the floor as he answered.
"I couldn't. I can't deal with thinking you might ever get hurt because of me whether I die in a hunt or... whatever."
"Do I not get a say in this?"
"Well I-.... I guess I don't have a good answer."
"I'm attracted to you too Dean, I have been since the day we met."
"Please don't tell me that, we shouldn't even be entertaining this."
"Why? We already care about eachother."
He sat in silence. He knew I was right.
"Look Dean I'm not gonna force you into something you don't wanna do. So just come back and let's finish our movie. It's fine." I leaned back against my pillows and pushed play on the remote to the old VHS player. I was looking at the TV not seeing anything. He walked over to the TV and turned it off. He looked at me in a way he had never looked at me before. He crawled up toward me from the foot of the bed and my heart began to beat faster staring into his gorgeous green eyes.
"I've wanted you since the day we met Ray. Every second of every day we spend together. It's been eating me alive." His voice was low and husky.

He stopped midway up the bed and sat staring at me.

"I need to know if this is really what you want. Because I can't guarantee you anything. Either one of us could die on any given day." He looked at me with a serious expression. "Do you want this?"
He didn't try and sway my choice by touching me in any way.
"Yes." I said without hesitation.
"You're sure?" He asked again eyebrows raised.
"Yes Dean, I'm sure. I want you."

He sat down in front of me.
He stared into my eyes. My long brown hair was pulled up in a messy pony tail and he reached up to tuck some stray hair behind my ear.
"You are so damn beautiful." He said running his thumb down my jaw and across my lips.
I Ieaned closer him and he instinctively started to move away but stopped himself.
"I'm sorry... I gotta get use to this."
"It's okay."
I moved so close I was almost in his lap.
"Can I just...." I started.
I lifted his left hand to my cheek. He was so warm and slightly smelled of motor oil.
This is what home felt like in the form of a person. His warmth, his scent, his voice. Everything.
He rubbed his thumb against my cheek and I turned my face to kiss his palm. The first time I'd ever kissed Dean Winchester.
"Ray..." he said snapping me out of it.
He grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me softly. My heart started racing as I melted into him. I grabbed a handfull of his sweatshirt trying to pull him closer. He got the message. With barely any effort he pulled me into his lap one leg on either side of him. I held his face in my hands and kissed him. He ran his hand underneath my shirt and up my back.
I pulled away to catch my breath.

"Tell me what you want Ray. I'll give you whatever you want." He breathed against my neck.
"I want you to have your way with me. I've wanted you for so long Dean."
"You sure about that sweetheart?" He asked softly. I could tell he was smiling.
I kissed him again and whispered
I pulled his sweatshirt off over his head and shoved him down on the bed.
I slowly ran my hand down his chest and abs.
"God, Dean. You're so hot."
I was salivating as my fingers glided over every perfectly defined muscle.
I looked him in the eyes as I took my hair down and leaned over and kissed his stomach. Lower and lower. Loud wet kisses. I grabbed his waist with my hands lightly running my nails down his skin. I looked at him again, opened my mouth and ran my tongue over his abs.
"Oh fuck" I said quietly. "Do that again."
"Mmmm" I said running my tongue all the way from his jeans over his belly button up to his ribcage.
"I want you so bad Dean." I said licking his abs a third time. I pressed my teeth against his skin and gently bit down.
"You're killing me Ray." He said in a low tone, almost a growl.
He ran his fingers through my hair and gripped it tight pulling me up to his face moving me with him as he sat up placing me back in his lap straddling him again. I could feel his hard dick beneath me.
He kissed me again and said quietly in my ear "Baby I'm gonna torture you until you beg me to make you come and you're gonna scream my name."
"Please..." was all I could manage to say.
I was already so turned on for him it wouldn't take much. He pulled my shirt off over my head. I wasn't wearing a bra. He massaged my tits and pinched my nipples.
I closed my eyes exhaling audibly.
He leaned forward and pressed my tits together sucking on one nipple then the other back and forth.

"Don't hold back" he commanded "if you want to be loud do it, I want to hear what I do to you, understand?"

He had me lift myself up on my knees in front of him leaning against his body as he played with my nipples flicking them with his tongue and blowing cold air on them.
I ran my fingers through his hair as I watched.

"Ohh Dean that feels so good..."
"You're tits are fuckin' perfect." He said sucking hard on my left nipple. I gasped because of how sensitive they'd become. Still sucking he ran his hands down my sides and grabbed my ass hard. He moved my arm behind his head so that I was bent over his shoulder supporting myself against the wall. He pulled down my sweatpants and underwear to my knees.
He ran his hands over my ass raking his nails across my skin. That sent chills up my spine.

"I want you to lay over my lap."
I stood on the bed and kicked off my pants and underwear and did what he asked. He spanked me over and over. Massaging my ass in between. I couldn't help but moan the entire time.
After a while he spread my legs apart. I bent one leg to give him even more room. He ran his nails along my inner thigh sending chills all over me.
"I want you to look at me."
I slightly angled my body so that I could easily see him.
"I want you to watch me while I torture you. I want to be able to see the look on your face when you beg me."

He reached into his bag beside the bed and grabbed a bottle of massage oil. Something I wouldn't have expected him to have.
I watched his face as he dripped it down my ass and I felt it running down my pussy. It was cold.
He ran his hands over my ass until it was completely covered.

"Do you ever play with toys?" He asked.
"Sometimes.... I have a glass dildo..."
"Go get it."
I slowly got up and grabbed it from my bag.

"This is actually nice." He said when I handed it to him. It was a smooth glass piece with rounded ends narrow on one end and wider on the other. About 8 inches long.
"Of course it is." I said with a sky grin as I layed back over his lap.
He glided the cold glass down my back and legs making me shiver.
He pressed it against my ass and asked "Do you want this?"
"Yeah.." I said almost whining.
"And who does this belong to?" He said groping my ass hard.
"You." I moaned.
"I'm sorry?"
"I'm yours Dean." I whined.
"Thats right..." he leaned down closer to my face looking into my eyes "You're mine." He sounded selfish when he said it and that turned me on even more.
He slowly pressed the hard glass into me a little at a time.

"Shit... that feels good" I said watching his face.
He slowly went deeper and faster but never too fast.
He rested his hand on my lower back. It felt hot.

"Oh God Dean... don't stop."
He slowly pulled it out and dripped more massage oil onto it. It slid back in so easily and so much deeper.

"Ohhmygod" I moaned.
"You like that baby?"
I loved when he spoke to me, his voice was so sexy.
"Talk to me Dean.. please." I begged.
"Who do you belong to baby? Who owns you? I want to hear you say it again."
"You Dean, I'm yours."
"Thats right baby. I own you."
He slowly removed the dildo and set it aside. He spanked me again. Harder than before.
"You like it when I punish you?"
"Yeahh spank me please."
"Your ass is so red baby you want me to stop?"
"Please... don't stop."
He spanked me a few more times and instructed me to sit between his legs leaning back against his chest. He dripped the oil over my tits and massaged them. I was so turned on for him I was weak.

"Ooh, god Dean I want you so bad."
He ignored my plea and spread my legs resting them on top of his. He massaged my inner thighs and below my belly button. My whole body was slick with oil. He kissed from my shoulder to my neck raking his teeth across my skin. I turned my head to kiss him and he wrapped his left arm around my shoulder and grabbed my neck tightly. I layed my head back on his shoulder and felt him glide his right hand from my chest to my stomach. He finally touched me. Rubbing all 4 fingers over my clit in a circular motion.

"Ohhh shit Dean..." I moaned louder than I expected. "I'm so close."
He slowed to a stop and returned to playing with my tits again. He flicked my nipples with his fingers and groped them hard.
"Sit up." He said
He pulled my arms behind my back and had me lean back on them.
"Do not move your arms until I say so." He said kissing my neck.
"Yes sir" I said weakly.
"Mmm that right babygirl."
He reached his right hand around and rubbed my clit again moving further and further down until he pushed his two middle fingers inside me.
"Deeeaann shit." I moaned.
He groped my left boob with his left hand and pinched my nipple.

I whined unable to help it.

"You like my fingers inside you?" I could barely breathe let alone think to answer.
"Answer me Ray."
"Yes. Don't stop... God Dean I want you so bad." I begged.
"Tell me exactly what you want baby."
He continued to push his fingers inside me over and over.
"I want your dick inside me Dean please. Please!" I whined even louder.
He slowly pulled his fingers out.

"Move to the edge if the bed."
I did.
He crawled off the bed and stood in front of me. He unbuckled his belt and as he threw it to the floor I began unbuttoning his jeans looking up into his intoxicating eyes. He shoved me down on the bed and pulled his jeans down kicking them to the side. His dick was big. Bigger than I thought.
"Is this what you want?" He asked rubbing the head of his cock against my clit.
"Mmm yes, please Dean."
"Not yet. I wanna taste you first." With that he got on his knees and gently flattened his tongue against me licking the entire length of me
"Oh Goood."
"Are you horny for me baby?"
"Yes Deean please let me come please!"
He flicked my clit with his tongue and ran circles around it. I grabbed a handful of his hair making it harder for him to pull away.
"Oh you are horny aren't you baby?"
He leaned back down pushing his tongue deep inside me.
"Shit Dean!"
Finally he pulled back and stood again pulling me closer to the edge of the bed.
"Tell me what you want baby..." he said tapping the head of his cock against my clit.
"Pleassee Dean I want your cock inside me. Please! You're killing me."
"Is this what you want?" He said barely pressing into me.
He hooked his arms under my knees and pushed inside me as slow as he could.
"Ohh my god"
He pulled out and pushed back in a little faster.
"Fuck Dean, harder!"
He sped up and thrusted harder.
"Fuck! Oh my god you feel so fucking good! Please don't stop!" I begged.
"Oh God I'm gonna come!"
"Come for me baby, come for me." He said thrusting into me harder.
"Oh fuck Dean!" I screamed
"Thats right scream my name."
"Dean oh my god! I'm coming! Fuuck!"
"Thats right sweetheart come for me." I went limp on the bed and he collapsed beside me. We were both completely out of breath. We lay there in silence until we slowed our breathing.
"Holy shit Dean."
I said turning over to face him.
"Is that a good thing?" He asked
"That was the best sex I've ever had Dean Winchester."
"It better be." He said smiling.
"With a dick like that... good luck getting me to leave you alone from now on."
"Bring it on babe." He said staring at the ceiling.
"Yes sir." I said teasing him.

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