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Romance / Erotica
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Brandon - Or What

Brandon has been at the dance studio all day the boys tell me he's been stressed all day because he just cant get it right.
I drive to the studio with some sushi for us both.
I walk in seeing brandon shirtless and covered in sweat i grab the remote and pause the music only for him to look at me annoyed
" what is it Y/N" he ask
I heard you were stressed and i brought you your fave food, i say holding up the sushi
"I don't have time for this Y/N" he says grabbing the remote turning the music back on
I roll my eyes, god he can be so stubborn, i grab the remote turning the music off again and sticking it in my bra
"WHAT THE FUCK Y/N" he yells
I will give you the remote once you take a break, i say
"Y/N i dont have time for this give me the remote" he says very annoyed
Come get it, i say smirking
He walks towards me falling into my trap
"Give Me The Remote, and don't make me ask again!" He says looking down at me
Or What , i respond
He grabs me and puts me on the couch pinning my arms down above my head
"Where is it" he seethes
With the finger i have loose i point towards my bra, he shakes his hand puts his hand down my shirt, as soon as he gets close to the remote i moan making him pull his hand back out
"You think this is very funny don't you" he says
To be honest i do, i respond giggling
"You wont be laughing any more" he says pulling me over his lap
One after the other he smacks my ass at first it was a harsh sting but soon after I'm a moaning mess.
He pulls me back up before he can say anything i kiss his lips, he pulls me into his lap not breaking the connection but he pulls a way wrapping his hand around my neck.
"You want attention you'll get it" he says slipping his hand inside my tights, he slips two fingers sliding them in and out rubbing my clit with his thumb
i moan loudly as i get close
god what is doing to me
I-I'm gonna c-cum i moan loudly then he stops, before i can say anything his ripping my tights and underwear off placing his tongue on my wet core.
I arch my back as he begins to suck on my clit.
Fuuuuck daddyyy i moan out tangling my hands into his hair
As he tongue fucks my pussy he slops two fingers in pounding them in and out sending me over the edge as i cum on his fingers
"Mmm, so sweet princess" he says putting his fingers in his mouth
I pull him kissing his wet lips i hear him fumbling with his pants and not even seconds later hes pounding his me
Brandonnn i scream out only for him to go harder
"Not my name princess" he says going deeper hitting my spot
Fuck,fuck,fuuuck, i curse out as I feel the knot in my stomach
I clench my walls trying to hold it longer
"Cum for me princess" he says starting to rub my clit which sends me over the edge.
I cum all over his cock seconds later i feel a warm liquid fill me up
"You got what you wanted" he ask laying next to me panting
Yeah, i say looking into his eyes smiling
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