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Quiet as a mouse {klaus michealson X oc}


Holly was a beautiful young woman with a lot of emotional baggage left for her after the cold murder of her mother. In a hurry she left her small home in Vancouver in hopes to find a new small town to loose all memory of that trading night. But what she doesn't know is that it's only the beginning of more to come.

Fantasy / Mystery
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The cold Monday morning was stinging my eyes as I stood at the bus stop waiting for the 9 am bus. The cold wind pushed back my messy brown hair while I stood hugging my large suitcase full to the brim with untidy clothes.

I stood waiting for the bus as the cool February wind stung my olive skin as a creepy uneasy feeling crawled to my stomach making it drop. My senses spiked up noticing every little sound for about a mile around. My emotion changed from sadness anger and pain to fear worry and defense. I had started to breathe heavily my heart pulsing out of my chest. My hands became clammy and sweaty as a bead of cold sweaty ran past my eyebrow barley touching the slick hairs to my ear lobe were it fell to my shoulder.

'SNAP' a twig. My head spun to the direction the sound came from. "WOOSH' a sound of fast air came from behind my left shoulder. I spun looking in every direction a sound was produced. My head started to spin from the amount of turning I had done in the past few seconds.

It felt like a scene out of a horror movie. My breaths became shallow and uneven. I was scared. No, I was terrified.

It all stoped. The sounds and sudden movements stopped. It was normal again, my breathing slowly calmed down and my hands became less and less clammy. my thoughts returned to normal. I presumed it was just my imagination with all the emotion going through my veins right now. I continued to wait for my bus .


The bus driver was a cold rude man who was short and fat. I walked to a seat in front of a tall slim old lady who had fallen asleep. I was sat staring into space letting my emotions pass over me.

I hadn't noticed until I heard a call from the driver that it was the last stop. I shot out of my seat grabbing my bags and thanked the bus driver leaving a 2 dollar tip. I hopped off the bus no longer crying. I had spent the last hour or so thinking about the events of the night and my mothers death. I felt hurt by her death but I tend to get over things after a good long think. So I was ready to talk about it although I had no one to talk about it with.

I started to walk towards what looked like a bar.

When I arrived I sat a a stool and asked for a shot of tequila. The bar tender was around my age barley over 17 but he served me either way. I think he saw the tear tracks. I downed the shot of tequila the second it was placed in front of me.

"Where is the nearest hotel or bnb?" I asked the boy whose name tag read mat.
"There actually isn't one in mystic falls." He answered. So that's where I was. I remember my mum talking about this place before .she said something about an uncle living here. Zach? Zayne? I'm not sure.

"Is there anyone called Salvatore around here?" I asked mat. His face slightly changed from happy to a more worried look.
"Why?" He asked. I didn't know what to say: my mother has just been murdered and there my only living relative?actually a few tweaks and that's perfect
"My mother, she erm.. died. There my only living relative."I said. I wasnt wrong. My whole family was well, dead apart from my uncle Salvatore.
"The Salvatore boarding house is a few miles that way, my shift is almost over I can take you if you'd like." He said while exhaling. He sounded sympathetic almost like he didn't want me to go but he knew I didn't have anywhere else. Which I didn't.


I was in mats car watching the road as it passed. We hadn't said anything to each other.
"What's your name?" He asked breaking the silence between us.
"I'm Holly. I already know your name. Name tag." I said him giving me an uneasy look.

We arrived and mat didn't say anything else other than a small "no problem" to my "thank you". I walked up to the massive door to the house and placed three loud knocks. A waited a few seconds and just as I was about to knock again I heard the slow creek of the door opening.

Thank you for reading my first chapter !!!!
I really hope you enjoy it !
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