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Quiet as a mouse {klaus michealson X oc}


"Hello?" Said a tall handsome brown haired man.
"Hello, erm I'm holly. Holly march, I'm looking for zach Salvatore?" I answered the man. A look of this-is-going-to-be-funny spread over his face.
"Well princess, sorry to break it to you but, he's dead." He answered not fazed at all.
"Oh well I better be off then." A started to turn around.
"Why." He asked, "what do you want with zach Salvatore?"
"Well, my mother died and he's my only living relative but it's okay." I answered redness running to my cheeks from embarrassment.
"I'm Stefan, Stefan Salvatore." My head shot up at his name, "it looks like you've still got me."


I walked through the tall house as Stefan pointed out rooms to me finally showing me my room. I pulled my bags into the large walk in wardrobe only getting out my large pot of Nutella I had bought.

"Hey Stefan? Where are the spoons?" I asked.
" top drawer under the sink." He replied. I ram downstairs as fast as I could reaching the kitchen. I picked outa clean spoon and jumped onto the old rustic looking counter and opened my Nutella. I dug my spoon in and pulled it out bringing the hot gooey chocolate to my mouth. I slowly pulled out the spoon leaving a large amount on there. I heard a loud woosh similar to the at the bus stop.

I turned around now seeing a tall raven haired man next to me. Surely I would have noticed if he had walked in but I didn't.
"Hey, who are you?" I asked him. He gave me a look that I couldn't quite read, hunger, no excitement, no ugh I couldn't figure it out.
"Your worst nightmare!" He said as dark red popping veins grew from his eyes his mouth started to open and long sharp fangs crept from his firery red gums.
"Ahhhhhhhhh" I screamed as the tall man pounced on me. The next thing I knew those long fanglike teach in his mouth were now in my neck with the horrid pain as he sucked out my bright red blood. Stefan ran and pulled of the man with only one hand.
"DAMON!" He shouted bringing the scary man out of his trance.
"Oh come on Stefan she's human and she just happened to be in our house let me kill her." He wined looking up to Stefan.
"Damon we can't she's a Salvatore!" Stefan yelled making me back up until my back slammed into a wall were kitchen utensils were conveniently placed. Stefan looked at me and sighed. "I'm sorry holly please , for your safety, go to bed." I looked at Stefan with pleading eyes saying hey-who-the-hell-attempts-to-kill-me-and-then-can-just-roam-around! Before I could get of the counter Stefan ran to me and grabbed my jaw "you at your food then fell and when to bed" .


I woke up with a stabbing pain in my neck. I reached my hand to tough it and felt a rough scab where my smooth skin used to be. I decided to get out of bed and grab some cereal or toast or something I hadn't eaten since my Nutella last night. I walked into my wardrobe and grabbed a light grey pair of sweats with a baggy shirt with my favourite band the Beatles.

I made my way downstairs humming the tune to yellow submarine while gliding across the cold marble floor to the rustic kitchen island. My humming slowly stopped as I saw a tall raven haired man standing the with a cup of red liquid looking at me. He looked so familiar yet so strange. He lifted his glass and rose a finger signaling a hello and I just raised an eyebrow and the corner of my lip pricked up.
"I'm Damon, Stefans older brother." He told me. "And you are."
"Oh I'm holly I'm your relative or something zach was my uncle." He smiled at me slowly walking away.

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