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Osomatsu-san Oneshots


A book of Osomatsu-san oneshots that I’m moving over here from Wattpad. Hope you all enjoy my work

Romance / Drama
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Tricks of the eye (Osomatsu x reader)

"Please~" my boyfriend's voice whines as we sat in my room. I roll my eyes at his childish behavior.
"No osomatsu." I say as stern as could without upsetting him.
"But why? It's so cool!" He enthused and I stuff my face into my book ignoring his question. "y/n~ why are you blushing?" I sigh and look at him. His face having that dumb smirk that I had fallen in love with.
"Okay. It's embarrassing when I do it. I think it makes me look weird." I admit looking away.

"What! Why! I think it makes you look cute!" He exclaims and I smile. I lean down and kiss him. "I know you do...but I just feel like it makes me look dumb." I admit looking at osomatsu.

"Y/n, you don't look dumb. Can I please see it?" He asked as he sat up. I sigh, but give in. After taking a breath I proceed to show him the trick he loved so much. I make my eyes go walleyed and add in a tilt of my head.

He chuckles and cups my face gently. "Now that's a cute eye trick. Love you babe." I stop doing the trick. I smile and peck his lips "I love you too." I went back doing my trick.

"Blah." I say sticking my tongue out causing osomatsu to roar in laughter. I was lucky to have someone just as weird as I was.
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