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Osomatsu-san Oneshots

No Shame (Osomatsu x reader)

I swear my boyfriend has no shame. We would be in public and he would grab my ass and not even be subtle about it or we would be at his house and he would just start a make out session with me. Which I had to apologize for. Luckily his brothers were understanding.

Don't get me wrong I love him to pieces because Osomatsu is very affectionate and cares for me deeply. Sometimes he can be just too much. So I decided next time tries anything like usual I would reciprocate. Heh heh. That'll be fun. Maybe I can actually fluster him. I thought to myself as I walk to Osomatsu's home.

I knock on the door like usual and Osomatsu answered with a huge smirk. "Hi y/n. How has my girlfriend been?" He asks and I laugh walking in "you love using that word don't you?" I ask kissing his cheek as I pass him. "Well of course I do! I didn't even think someone like you could love someone like me!" He says following me into the living room where Karamatsu and Choromatsu were.

Karamatsu was looking into his mirror fixing himself up and Choromatsu read manga like usual. I greet the both of them and they greet me with a hello. I sat down at the table where Choromatsu was, Karamatsu was leaning against the wall beside the window. Osomatsu took his spot beside me as I took out my phone.

"This is Coco. She is doing a lot better. See." I say showing my boyfriend the picture of my border collie puppy. "Oh she does look better. At least she's not sick right?" He asks and I nod. I continue to show him pictures of my puppy and I smiled at Osomatsu's genuine interest.

Then I felt his hand move up and down my waist. My smile formed a tight line for a second as he rested his hand on my tummy. This wouldn't be any issue to the normal girl as it's a cute gesture. However, my tummy region was extremely sensitive. I started to blush as he lightly tickled my tummy. I bit my lip and tried ignoring him, my universal warning for people to stop, but he continued.

He continued to lightly stroke and tickle my tummy trying to get a reaction out of me. This time I gave an audible warning "Babe please stop. Believe me you don't want the reaction I'll give." He chuckled "Aw~ you're cute when you're flustered~" he teases "Oi Karamatsu, Choromatsu do you mind leaving for a second?" He asks suddenly

What is he planning? I think as the brothers looked at each other and shrugged "sure" Choromatsu says getting up "I need to head out anyway." Karamatsu says leaving after giving me a quick goodbye. I let out a squeak as Osomatsu moved me to his lap. "What are you up to mister?" I ask and he gave his signature smirk.

"Nothing~ you just look so cute~" he coos and I blushed as he kept one hand on my tummy while the other gropes my chest. I gave an embarrassed squeak "this is why I love you. Soo easy to fluster~" he teased kissing me and I rolled my eyes. When he pulled back I gave him a look "and you have no shame whatsoever."

He shrugged "Eh~ not necessarily. I mean you have made me flustered once or twice." He confessed and I look at him surprised. "Huh? When?" I ask astonished

"Well. There was this one time.."


I had my girlfriend over and at the moment she was laying on me as we cuddle on my couch. Even if I won't tell her yet, I do consider myself lucky to have y/n.

I held her face and she looked at me with those innocent eyes. "You're so cute." I tell her and kissed her. She giggled softly and kissed me back so softly. I sat up a bit and held her waist. She shifted her sitting position a few times as we kissed. Which was no problem I'm use to her being fidgety but she was unintentionally grinding against me.

I blushed lightly but didn't really point it out as I didn't want to embarrass her. I didn't really want her stop either.
I blushed hard when Osomatsu told me that. "I did that! I'm so so sorry!" I say and he smirked "No real harm done..I just had a hard on for the remainder of your visit." He says and I blush harder. "What about the second time?" I ask and he went flustered.

"Heh well..it was around summer..you were wearing a tank top and shorts...and it was hot so I got you ice cream and we'll."


I decided to go out and get my girl some ice cream since she was miserable in this heat. I entered her home announcing my arrival and she rushed over to hug me. "Did you get my ice pop?!" She asks and I nod handing her the cold treat. She smiled and took it from me sitting on her couch.

I walked over and sat beside her as she fiddled with the wrapper. Once she final got it open she started to eat it. I watched her lick and suck on the treat. It was moments like these that her being innocent became a problem. The heat didn't help as it caused the treat to melt all over her hand.

Needless to say I left her house a blushing mess.
"I'm sorry about that. I bet that was hard for you to watch huh?" I ask and he nods "but I didn't want to make it awkward." I noticed his hand had dropped from my chest to rest on my waist. "I may be perverted virgin. I won't deny that, but I love and don't want to make you uncomfortable." He says and I smile.

I took one of his hands and placed it back in it's previous spot. I leaned my forehead on his "It doesn't make me uncomfortable. If you want to do something like that." I paused kissing him, grinding my hips and say on his lips.

"I don't mind at all."
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