Lucy Is a 17 year old girl that was in foster care all her life she is about to turn 18 and get out of the foster care system. Lucy has a boyfriend called Oscar that is 20. She falles in love with a guy named Jacob Will she stay with Oscer and live a normal life or go with Jacob read to find out.

Romance / Drama
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It was the morning that i was turning 18 and i was more than ready to get out of this shit hole and live with my one true love Oscer.

Hey baby happy birthday said Oscar giving her a gift and a hug. Hey thanks i tell him leaning in for a long kiss, i slowly polled away from him. Ready to get out of here he said reaching for my bags more than ready i answer and with that we left the foster care office.

Hey hope you liked this chapter sorry for it being so short i will be making it the chapters longer thanks for reading.

Love hashbrown.kitten✌😘💕

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