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7 deadly sins ( bts )


This about a small town in South Korea were teenagers are going missing. " SHE IS MINE NOW:)" It said in what looked like bright red pen. As he held the paper. He was frozen in place. A tear rolled down his cheek. " Ji-young! This isn't funny!" He shouted thinking it was a joke. He ran out the room and just decided to go to school just to see if she was there before calling the police and the sheet of paper.

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:


The following will be in this book:

• self harm
• smut ( 21+)
• mention of rape
• mention of attempted suicide
• abuse
• graphic details
• homophobia
• suicidal thoughts
• attempted suicide

Ships in this book are:


Don't worry if the chapter contains it I will be putting a warning right at the top so if you get triggered by any of these you can skip the chapter.


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