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Gone ( Draco Malfoy x Female Reader)


Y/n Fiddlewood. The Ravenclaw that was exposed to the wrong things. The girl who world changed after falling for him. He was seen as the bad guy to everyone else, but to her he just grew up with the wrong environment. It took someone else to show what she felt for him. “Im In Love But Not With Anyone Here” -Billie Eilish To make sure there is no confusion, the year of the book is 1994 but I made the music from all eras Available in this era so there isn’t limited music for the better of the story

Fantasy / Romance
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New Year

9 3/4. Ive only ran through this wall 3 times. I walked up to the wall waiting for my family to come. My mom couldn’t wait for the moment Lorelei would be able to walk through the wall. Lorelei was my 11 year old sister. She was finally old enough to attend Hogwarts.

Her grey eyes started beaming when my mom said “Go on lor,” She ran through the wall faster than I could blink. My mom signaled me to get next. I soon followed after her. My parents were understanding and nice. They’d often worry about me making friends since I was the kid to sit back and observe my peers. I started to feel my face being flooded with kisses

“Mom stop!” She stopped with her signature smile. I sighed and looked at my dad he instantly said “Emily give her some space” She hugged Lorelei and then said “promise to write” I nodded and said “As long as you don't have anymore kids” she rubbed her small bump and said “I promise” I smiled and walked with Lorelei.

After helping her onto the train we walked to a compartment and sat down. “Bitsy do you think ill make friends” I looked at her and said “Who wouldn’t wanna be friends with you,” Her face started glowing. Lorelei was an angel. She didn’t have a mean bone on her body. A few hours past and the trolley came. I gave Lorelei money to get a snack.

She got up and walked out. Thats when I heard arguing and a door opened. I looked up from my book and the girl said “I’m so sorry” I smiled and said “Its fine” She pointed to the seat and said “Can I?” The guy had already walked away. I knew exactly who they were. Ron and Hermione

I nodded my head and she closed the door and sat down. “I’m Hermione Granger” She held out her hand and I shook it and said “Y/N Fiddlewood ” Her eyes went wide and said “Your mom is a writer right” I nodded my head as she pulled away her hand “I love her books”

The doors opened and Lorelei said “Hello” She had a few pieces of candy in her hand. She sat next to me and said “I’m Lorelei” Hermione said “Hermione” We talked to her for a while. We soon arrived and Lorelei took my hand and dragged my out. Hagrid called out for the first years and she let go and followed him. I dusted my robes and walked into the forest walking with everyone else.

I soon got into the Great Hall and sat at the Ravenclaw table waiting for my only friend. Luna sat down and said “Hello Y/N” I smiled and said “Hey Luna,” We talked for a while when Dumbledore gave his speech and then everyone got sorted into their houses. Lorelei skipped over after getting sorted into Ravenclaw. After the feast I went to my dorm and looked at my trunk. I decided not to unpack and laid onto my bed and fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I stopped it and got ready for class. I put on my robe and grabbed my books.

On the way to class I bumped into someone and fell. “Watch it mudblood” Draco Malfoy
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