in which i give you mcyt one-shots! :)

Romance / Fantasy
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✧( ु•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• ू )✧

in which i write mcyt one-shots
because i simply have no life.

↳ requests are currently open!

what i won't write!
↳ i will not write anything along these lines;


who i'll write!
↳ i'll write for the following;

wilbur soot → will gold
technoblade → doesn't like name used
minx → rebecca (?) i’ll just use minx
fundy → floris
eret → alastair
dream → clay
georgenotfound → george
sapnap → nick
quackity → alexis (alex)
nihachu → nikita (niki)
jschlatt → jonathan (?)
ted nivison → theodore (ted)

[ i will write tommy&tubbo but
please do not sexualize them in
any way. it makes them and myself
very uncomfortable. their one-shots
will be strictly platonic. don't make
it into anything else please! ]

[ i'm also making all of my one-shots
in they/them unless specified a certain
set of pronouns in an request. i want
everyone to feel comfortable reading;
whether you go by neo pronouns, they/
them, she/they, he/they, or anything else! ]

[ i go by all pronouns, (he,she,they) but you
can use whatever you would like. i don't care
that much! ]
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