Your little sis one of BTS member and one day your friends with the rest of the numbers (Up for adoptions)

Action / Fantasy
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You wake up to your clock

Yn: well good morning Yn

You go to your shower

Yn: let me introduce myself my name is Min Yn I'm 18 but go to be 19 soon I'm a gymnast and fluent in English my Hobbies are dance, sing, drawings,rap, playing guitar, piano,love kpop you might be wondering where's my parents well they passed away when I was little but but my brother took care of you until he became idol he's never been around the house so I pick up a few things so take care of myself now he's trying to come visit me sometimes who's my brother well he min yoongi well known as Suga or Agust D I never met his members but one day well that's all about me

You finished showering so you into your clothes and pick up my outfit and did your hair


ou grabbed your gym bag and you went to your competition

Suga POV

Yn text me yesterday that she say she have competition and she wanted me to come see so I was getting ready to go

Suga: bye guys I'm leaving

BTS( except Suga): where you going

Suga: no where special

BTS(except Suga): can we come

Suga: I guess so but going to be boring

BTS(except Suga): we don't mind

All us left


Arrive at your competition you into locker rooms and change into your outfit

You started warming up you waiting put your turn

Suga POV

Me and the boys arrived at my sisters competition

BTS(Except Suga): Suga what are we doing here 😞

Suga: just wait and see

All of the sit-down and then Yn turn what's next

It was my turn it's time to show

After you're done and now it's time for your dance crew to go on

Announcer: now performing for us dance Star crew

An: you're the girl wearing the red sweater

Suga POV

I can't believe my sister dance 1 of are songs


After you finish you won Gold Medal you're ready to leave until you heard someone calling your name

An: hi my children yes I know the story was short but I'll make a part 2 to it and I hope you loves it I want to say healthy work hard in school I love you all bye.

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