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My Sunlight (Haruka Tenoh x OC Fanfic)


Follow Elizabeth Mono on her journey to figure out who she is and who she was and who she was to Haruak Tenoh. Was she a lover? Was she a princess? Who was she? All of this and more in The book. My Sunlight

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

I Dreamt a Dream Last Night

No ones POV:
Elizabeth Sunlight Mono, your typical young woman. She was a student at Mugen Academy. She was one of the smartest in her class. She had dreams and hopes and wishes. Like ever girl in this world. She had blonde-white hair, always had a backpack purse wether it be for school or for shopping, she always had one. She is, also, more then she thinks she is.

Eliza's POV:
As I slept I felt myself fall into dreamland, but it was like a memory I had forgotten. I stood on a podium next to a tall, blonde haired woman. I could not see her eyes or any actually defining features. She smiled at me and I felt myself smile back as though I knew this woman. Like she was my best friend. I had never even met this woman. Then, dream shifted to a new place, in front of a watery stream place. When, I saw her lips move.

"Sunlight, I love you. I hope you remember that"

Sunlight? Who's Sunlight? Was she calling me Sunlight? I don't know who Sunlight is. Wait, did she say I love you? As I stared at the woman, I still could not see her eyes or facial features other then the mouth. It was blurry. Then,
I woke up

"Elizabeth!" I heard my mother call "Come on! You'll be late if you don't get down here and eat!" My mother was my best friend and the person I always go to for advice or anything but she can be a bit pushy in getting me out of bed. Sleepily, I got out of bed and grabbed my uniform, walked to the bathroom and took a shower. As I started the shower, I got in. A picture of the woman flew in my mind.

"Eliza. Stop it. It's time to get ready for school." I reminded myself as my mind was wandering as it did when I was in the shower. Soon, I got the shower over with and stepped out, Dried off, and got into my uniform. I walked down the stairs of our blue wallpapered apartment. The apartment is nice for the two of us. Mom and I have been here since I was five, when mom broke it off with my father. They finally got a divorce when I was seven. I walked into the kitchen and was hit with the smell of eggs and bacon. "Good morning mom" I smiled

"Good Morning, Elizabeth" she smile as I sat down if the kitchen dinning table in the breakfast nook. I grabbed my phone out of my bag, which was by the leg of the table, and texted my best friend and basically sister, Minokoto Ashui.
Hey Girl! 😀

Hey Girl!

See ya at school. Mom put breakfast down

You sure will girl!

After that conversation with Minokoto I ate breakfast. Then, kissed mom on the forehead and left for school.
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