Tattoos (Bakugou Katsuki Soulmate AU)


Kikyo Rivera, a 15-year-old who just wants to become a hero. Well, life has other plans for her. Kikyo was born in a world of quirks and soulmate tattoos. No one has the same one and you only have one soulmate. Well, for those who want to be with their soulmate that is. Nonetheless, she tries to lead a normal life, at least until she gets into U.A.'s Hero Course. *Note: Brands, shows, movies, etc will be changed cause I ain't trying to deal with that. Also, this story will mention some themes that may be triggering to others, I will let you know beforehand on these certain chapters. There will be cursing as well. Also, This starts off not very good but it gets better (I think).*

Other / Romance
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Soulmate Tattoos

Soul mate
/ˈsōl ˌmāt/
noun: soulmate
a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

One day in Qingqing City, a child was born that radiated light. After that, reports of people with superpowers popped up around the globe. No one knew what was causing this but they were given the name ‘Quirks’. Then, the supernatural became normal and comic book heroes became real jobs. The world had become a superhuman society, with about 80% of the population possessing these quirks.

But there’s something that goes to before that. Soulmates. For as long as humans could remember, everyone was born with some type of tattoo that matched their soulmate. Everyone had one and no tattoo was the same. Some tattoos were large and some were small. Nonetheless, some people don’t always end up with their soulmate. Sometimes, they end up with someone they can’t or won’t be with. These are called Shattered Soulmates, not common but not impossible.

With these soulmates and heroes, there’s still acts of violence, murder, rape, abuse, etc. But, hey, welcome to reality because even in a world of quirks and soulmates not everything can be perfect... Welcome, to the world of heroes and soulmates. Enjoy your stay.

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