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Little Reid


One car crash is all it takes to flip a girl's life upside down. Left with no one else Shea goes to live with her cousin Spencer. Spencer may be a genius but he definitely doesn't know how to raise a teenager. ⚠️Spoilers for Criminal Minds⚠️

Adventure / Action
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Life Changing News

It’s a rather quiet day at school. Everyone in 6th-period English is talking about shows or clothes that they saw at the store. Me and Lizz sat in the back talking about her birthday party.
“Lizz, it’s months away,” I complain as she rants about her birthday. “I know, but picture it. A big pool, Cupcakes, all themed teen beach!” I laugh as she announces her theme. “Come on, nostalgic parties are the best. We can get a projector for the pool and people can wear jackets or surfer gear.” We giggle as she says surfer gear. “That’s the stupidest party I’ve ever heard of!” I tell her, holding my side that hurts due to the ridiculous laughter.
My teacher stands up and walks over to my desk. “Shea, they want to talk to you down at the office. You’re not in trouble.” Lizz turns to Ms.B. “can I go too!” She exclaims, grabbing my arm and holding tightly. “Ms.B I can’t go without her, we are attached.” Ms.B gives me a sad smile. “I don’t know if that’s the best thing.” I sigh. She holds up her pointer finger and walks over to the phone, she punches in the office’s number and starts talking. She holds a thumbs up to us. We jump up and run to the elevator. “Who needs stairs. We need to get there in a hurry.” Lizz tells me. “Can’t keep the office waiting.” I replay. A janitor stops us before it can close. “Girls, you can’t use that. Staff and passes only.” He says. “But sir,” Lizz starts. “The office called us down and said to hurry.” He murmurs to himself and walks away without another word.
As the elevator closes and we become trapped in the polished wood box it hits me. “Why was I called down?” Lizz shrugs. We step off the elevator and walk into the office. “Shea and Lizz?” I tell them our names, questioning if we were truly called down or if it was a mistake. The principal takes me into his large office. It has a couch, a chair, his desk, his chair, and a large window. Guidance is sitting in the chair closest to the window. My heart is pumping a mile a minute. A strange tall, nerdy-looking man stands quietly fidgeting with a button on the end of his shirt. We make eye contact for a split second. His hair is messy, but he dresses formally. His existence confuses me. He looks around twenty, yet so tired and worn down. He is holding a briefcase and clearly has a gun in his belt. Confused I look at Lizz who grabs my hand. I whisper to her. “What’s going on?” She laughs. “What’s up with that guy.” That guy clearly hears us as his attention is shifted over to us. “Could you wait in the other room Lizz?” The principal asks her. She starts to move away. “No, wait.” I blurt out, as a sudden rush of fear hits me. “She can stay.” He nods. “Girls can you take a seat.” As soon as we sit in the long fake leather couch. The woman from guidance moves over and sits next to me. I slide closer to Lizz. When no one talks for a solid minute and my nerves start to get the best of me I break the silence. “Is anyone going to tell me what happened. Or am I just going to guess why I’m here?”
“At around 9 am, after the bus picked you up there was a car accident. Your parents were in one of the cars that flipped due to the force of the other car.” He pauses and my eyes go wide. “I’m sorry.” He tells me. After that, I can’t hear anything. Murmurs fill my ears but they sound muffled and static. Lizz’s grip is tighter and she pulls me into her shoulder as I feel tears roll down my cheeks. The guidance counselor places a hand on my back and tries to usher me off Lizz but I push her had off me. Through my tears, I see Lizz swat guidance away. Her and the principle leave. Soon it’s only Lizz, Me, and the strange man. After what seems like hours the tears stop and Lizz pushes my hair off my face. My eyes feel heavy and irritated. Lizz’s shirt is stained with tears. The man stands quietly. Looking unsure of what to do or say.
Lizz hugs me and I can see the tears in her eyes. “I’ll be outside.” She tells me as she lets go. My head falls to my knees. I quietly sob. This is all a dream. A crazy messed up dream. I feel the couch dip. Far on the other end sits the man. He’s staring at me, eyes slightly red and hands shaking. “I’m Spencer.” He says in a hushed voice. He doesn’t attempt to move closer. We sit there in silence as I imagine what happened. What my parents must have thought, What the last thing I said to them was.
The couch dips once more and the weight releases as he gets up. He’s sitting on his knees on the ground of me. Once again he says. “I’m Spencer.” I don’t respond. I don’t even look at him, I advert my gaze to a hang in their kitty poster. “Your dad was my mom’s cousin.” He pauses. He looks at me to see if I’m listening. “Because we don’t have other relatives.” He pauses again. This time he sounds unsure. “You get to move in with me.” I look at him. He’s probably ten years older than me. How can he raise me? He’s too young, dresses nice but probably has a shit job. My voice gives out as I try to respond. He gives me a sympathetic glance and stands up. “Your friend should be back with your bags. You’re going to leave early so we can pick up some things.” He could be a murderer. The school could be letting me go home with the world’s most dangerous serial killer! “How do I know your not a serial killer, or kidnapper?” I ask him, suddenly thinking of all the episodes of 60 minutes I’ve watched. “Don’t worry, I’m not. The chances of having only a few family members left and having one be a killer are very unlikely.” He spits out. There’s a knock on the door. It opens with a box. My bag along with my personal books and locker things are in it. Spencer takes it and then waves me over to him.

(Little Reid Will get better and have a lot more plot after this chapter! I wrote this chapter a few years ago so the rest of the story is a lot better as it goes on)

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