Little Reid

Nerds Cant Paint

"I know it's been almost three months of you living at Rossi and my place on and off. But I found a place. it's almost a five-minute walk to Jj's, It has three bedrooms, two baths, a nice little yard, and a pool!" Spencer tells me the night before I get discharged from the hospital. "I'll have your things moved into your room, and we can paint it. but only using light blue paint in your room because light blue is shown to increase sleep. It helps soothe nerves." He starts to ramble. "What about the third room?" I ask him. "A library, we can put bookshelves on all the walls and mini shelves around the room." I smile. "That sounds nice." He hands me an extra pillow. "Go to bed so we can go home tomorrow."

"Wake up. It's time to leave." I hop out of bed when I hear that. "Finally!" Spencer laughs. "The teams setting up some of the rooms already." He says while walking. "They insisted on helping us move in." He pushes open the door for me and I smile when I see Rossi pull up with a sports car. "Need a ride, kids," Rossi says as we walk over. He gets out and opens the car door for me. I get in and put on my seatbelt. I block out the conversation Rossi and Spencer start having when I hear spencer start rambling on about statistics and percentages.

Rossi pulls up to a medium-sized, tan house with white windows and doors. I can see a fence in the back. Perfect for a dog. I think. The thought of Spencer trying to walk a dog makes me laugh. "Do you like it so far?" Spencer asks nervously. "It's great," I tell him as I walk onto the front lawn. "Here let's go in!" He rushes me inside, he's like a child on Christmas. The living room is basic, It has a couch, a few chairs, a small bookshelf, and a tv. off to the side is a desk with a computer. The next room is a kitchen, It's a normal kitchen with a window to the yard. Then a small hallway leading to a bathroom and the upstairs. Upstairs has five doors. Three which are bedrooms, a bathroom, and I'm guessing the attic. I open door number one to see a bathroom. It's light blue with white. It has a tub but nothing fancy. I turn to go to the next door. I reach the door and open it. It's a room full of boxes and bookshelves. "We have to put in the books, but the shelves are already installed," Spencer says behind me. The room must fit over three hundred books. The next room has a gray bed and a bookshelf, it has a small desk and a table. Clearly its Spencer's room. I open the door next to his and its the door to the attic, I skip it and move on. The final door is white, it has a small doorknob. I turn it and push the door open. It's a light blue room, almost like the bathroom and the living room. It has a white bed with blue blankets on it, The dark blue blanket is fluffy where the others are normal blankets. There are about four blankets all different shades of blue. The pillows are blue with white butterflies on them. It's not like a children's bed, It's bigger. It's probably a full-sized bed. On the walls is photos, one of the team, one of me and finally one of my parents. Their photo is larger than the others and in a black frame. It stands out from the others and makes me smile. Next to my bed is a nightstand with another family photo of me and my parents and a few books. across from my bed is a walk-in closet with my clothes already in it. Next to it is a small dresser with my socks and other things that Couldnt fit or be hung in the closet. I hear a knock on the door and it opens. "Do you like your room? I tried to make it look more spacious than it is." I run over and hug him. I can tell he isn't expecting it because he lets out an 'oof' as I run into him. He hugs back. "Wanna see the pool?" He sounds more excited about it than I do. "Of course." He takes me down the stairs and to the sliding door in the kitchen that leads to a small patio. The team is outside by the pool and when they see me they all stand up and run over. "Welcome home!" Emily says and she hugs me. "I bought you a swimsuit!" Jj tells me and hands me a one piece. "Oh, thank you." I grab the side and let it drop down so I can see it. "Are we all going swimming?" I ask when I see Morgan shirtless and in shorts and Penelope in a bathing suit. "Yep, go put yours on," Hotch says. I run to the downstairs bathroom and put on my suit. My eyes shift to a spot in the bathroom paint that looks like it's been smudged and I can see the white paint under it poking through. Maybe Spencer cant paint.

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