Little Reid

Going To The Mall With Dark Chocolate And BabyGirl

The team slept over. Jj and Penelope slept in my room, one in a chair and another shared my bed, Morgan slept with Spencer, Emily went home to feed her cat. Hotch and Rossi shared the couch in the living room which I found out was a pullout bed. We went to bed after one AM. We stayed up swimming and Rossi cooked us food almost every other hour, making spaghetti, chicken piccata, risotto balls, and bought us cookies. The team talked about crazy cases and funny things that they had encountered, they shared their opinions on each state. Florida is weird, Massachusets is hard to catch and has crazy kills, Alaska is hard to catch and they hardly get called up, Chicago most likely ends in a police suicide and Mississippi is irrelevant.

Morgan wakes me up at around twelve, Penelope stands next to him. "We want to take you to the mall, Get some clothes and books," Penelope says to me. I agree and Penelope practically skips downstairs. Morgan grabs me a plate of pancakes made by Hotch and Rossi and I eat as I walk. Spencer okay's the idea of us going to the mall.

Derek drives me and Penelope to the mall and parks next to the entrance. "I know the whole mall!" Penelope tells me. "Slow your roll baby girl." Derek laughs. She grabs my hand and his and pulls us into a target. "We can get a few dresses, and shoes, and maybe some sporty-looking shirts." She walks over to the first rack of clothes and pulls a few off the rack. She had them to Derek. "I've always wanted a girl, So I can dress her up and so I can shop for dresses and makeup and cute flash drives." I smile at her. She ends up buying me a few dresses, jeans, and a sweatshirt. We go to a few other stores before Morgan starts complaining that he's hungry. "Maybe the food court will have something good?" He says. "the foodcourt is calling to me princess." Finally, Penelope gives in and lets us eat. We get Chinese food and find a seat. "How do you like it here?" Derek asks. "It's not bad, I miss home though," I say eating my food. "Spencers not that bad, He really tries." Penelope says. "yeah, I know. Sometimes it's just hard because I know he didn't expect to become the sole provider for a teenager on short notice." I tell them. "He loves you though. He has a picture of you on his desk. He would put on in his wallet but That's a risk due to who might find it." Morgan says. "I think it's great that he doesn't live alone," Penelope says. "Plus, now your like, A child of the team so that's cool." I nod and keep eating.

After we finish Penelope gets a call. "We have a case..." She sounds sad. "So we have to go to the BAU." I let out a sigh. "

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