Little Reid


We arrived at the BAU and the team was almost immediately. We had no real babysitting plans for me. Hotches sister inlaw watched his son and offered to watch me. His wife died about two years ago. Jj tells me her husband Will can watch me, She had a son Henrey who I've never met but is around two. I agree to stay with them. I'm with them for about a month due to all the cases. A lot happens during the rush of back to back cases. Jj moves to the pentagon, Which is better for her and Will because she is around more. Due to how close I live to her I sleep and hang out at my house. It's lonely without spencer, But I know he's been busy. The month of madness ends with the whole team coming home. I get a call from Spencer saying they will be home in under an hour. I bolt to Jj's house. "Will! can you give me a ride. The team is home!" He puts Henry in the car and then gets in. I'm jumping in my seat to get to the BAU. We pull into the BAU at the same time the team does. I see Spencer and I practically jump in his arms. "Spencer! It feels like forever!" He doesn't say anything but he hugs me back. No one talking. They all look, Sad?

"What's wrong guys?" I look around. "Wheres Emily?" I ask, noticing they are missing her. "Doyle killed her." I can hear Spencer's voice break. I didn't know her that well but it still hurts. She was a friend to the whole team. I can tell Spencer is taking it hard. "Let me drive you two home," Morgan says to us. I get in his car no question. Spencer still looks stunned. Morgan looks amess. Blood on his shirt and his eyes droop tiredly. We pull into the driveway and Spencer gets out and walks to the door. "Morgan, Stay the night. Take shower, eat something." I open his door and grab his hand. "Come on Derek." He follows me and goes inside straight to the bathroom. I give him a towel and some of Spencers' clothes. Spencer looks at me. "I'm sorry I haven't been around a lot." I shake my head. "It's fine, now go take a shower and then come downstairs ill make you both dinner."

I throw a pizza together using premade pizza dough, some shredded cheese, pasta sauce, and peppers. I put it in the oven and then grab a box of mac and cheese. I make that to go with the pizza and look around for anything else. I haven't shopped in over a week, I planned on shopping tomorrow. I hear the pizza timer go off and I turn back on the mac and cheese so it heats up. I can hear Morgan come out of the shower. He's holding his clothes. "Here put it in this." I hand him a bad and he puts them in and then on a chair. "Dinners done." I grab the pizza and put it on the counter along with the mac and cheese. He thanks me but doesn't talk much. I turn to see Spencer. He looks tired and still very sad. He walks over and plates some food, he sits down next to Morgan at the table. They don't talk to each other or me. "So." I start, "What's happened this month." I try to get them talking. "Cases," Spencer says. "If I was faster, by a few minutes. Maybe if I ran right to that room." Derek states. "She would still be here." His voice goes quiet. "This isn't you guy's fault. It's the man who did this who you should be blaming." The table goes quiet again. "Ill clear the plates, you guy go to bed. Morgan take my room." He opens his mouth to protest. "My room Morgan." He nods and walks up to my room. Spencer follows up the stairs and into his own room.

I grab my plate and the boy's plates and clean them up. I take the remaining pizza and put it away for later.

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