Little Reid

Walking With Strangers

Morgan left early that morning. Leaving me and Spencer. I thought maybe we could go do something, He had been gone for so long, coming home almost one night a week for the past month. It had been four months since I met Spencer, and even though it was a short period of time I've grown to love him like family.

"Spence, I have breakfast," I tell him as I swing open his door. He's still asleep. I place it on his bedside and close the door when I leave. I grab my phone and call Rossi. "Hey, Can I come over? Spencer isn't getting out of bed and him sad makes me sad."

"Sure kiddo, Just let me get dressed. I'll drive you."

"Nah, I'll walk. I have to clear my head."

"Be careful." He tells me and I hang up. Looking down at my phone I walk into this man, My phone hits the ground and he kneels to pick it up. "I'm so sorry," I tell him. He laughs, "Don't worry, I'm the one who should say that, I broke your phone." He hands it to me and I look at it. "Where you headed?" He asks. "Oh, a friend's house, You?"

"I was looking for an S.Reid. He's an FBI profiler."

"I think I know where he lives, Check one of those houses." I point in our general direction. "Hey, uh. What's your name?" He asks before he turns. "Oh. I actually can't give that out to strangers." I say apologetically. "Well, I'm not a stranger, Names Caleb." He shakes my hand. "In that case, My names Shea." He looks behind me and then says. "Could I walk you to your friends?"

"Sure, It's only a few minutes away, I cut through the park because it's quicker." I pause. "It's in the opposite direction of Spencer's house."


"Dr.S Reid, Spencer Reid."

"Right." He says unconvincingly. "I'm actually going to walk this way, it goes off the path a bit." I say pointing in the direction of Jj's house. This dude is mad creepy, He's talking to me, a teen. About going for a walk, in the woods alone, he knows Spencer's name and mine, and he broke my phone. We start walking and when we get near Jj's door I run for it. I run up the steps and press the doorbell, The man charges at me and I run back to the street, hoping to have more running room. He steps away from the door and charges at me again like a bull running at its cape. I run, once more to Jj's door and ring it. I'm screaming as I run back. "SOMEONE HELP." The door flys open to Will, holding his gun up. The man grabs me and puts me in between himself and the gun. Before I can warn Will a man steps from behind the bushes next to the stairs and knocks him out. "JJ!" I scream. but I know she won't come to the door with her kid's home, not when she sent Will out with a gun. I can hear police cars in the distance as the man holding me starts to drag me away from Jj's house and towards a small white van. The other man follows.

I am pulled into the van and I see Will stand up, He must have only been out for a minute, possibly just too dizzy from the blow to his head. But that one minute is fatal. I watch as he aims his gun, only to hit one of the men In the shoulder, the three of us. The two men and I make it to the van and speed off. I go to kick one of them but I am knocked out by a hard blow to the head and I sharply fall asleep.

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