Little Reid

Year Six

It had been a long time. I knew that Just not an exact time. The men who took me were good at their job. They took me for the sole purpose of teasing the BAU. They kept me alive for that reason too. Once every now and then they would send a photo or video to them. They would leave it at a local police station, or a friend's home. Never the same place, and never the same video. My head constantly hurt, my eyes grew weak due to the poor lighting and over time I grew tired. What started as me fighting them ended up with me not caring.

Help kidnap one person, Assist in a murder there, send a photo to the BAU. None of it mattered, I did as I was told. They kept me in a tiny house, it was portable and always on the move. I never knew where I was. They never hurt me, and after time, they didn't tie me to anything to keep me from running. Caleb, he was nicer to me than the others. He was around five years older and he would tell me one day, we could get married and run away together. I don't like him like that. I don't think he knows that. I'm not a child anymore, I do know that. But marriage seems too grown-up for me.

It wasn't till it got dark when I noticed the change. Noone came back from their food run. The group, one woman and two men would get food for us at night. But tonight Caleb didn't come back. I could hear footsteps and yelling. The door of the home flung open and someone yelled "HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!" I knew that voice, from somewhere. I put my hands up as told and more people came in. "Shea?" a man asked.

I looked at him confused. He was tall and skinny, he had longish hair and an FBI jacket on. "Spencer?" I asked, not knowing if I was dreaming or not. "Yeah, It's Spencer. Oh my god, are you okay. where have you been. You left one morning while I was asleep and then Jj ran over and told me they took you." He goes to hug me and I hesitantly hug back. "Wheres Caleb and Ronald?" I ask. "In jail." I nod. " How long have I been gone?"

I can see Spencer become uncomfortable. "Six years."

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