Little Reid

Alot Of Catching Up To Do

"and then Morgan had a baby and left. and now we have Luke." Emily tells me, trying to catch me up on six years. "And your alive?" She laughs. "yes."

"Im not dead?" The plane goes quiet and I can see everyone's guilt at that question. "No, your very much alive," Luke tells me. "And you guys let thirteen killers out of prison!"

"We only have three more to find," Penelope says. "You lost three of them!" I say shocked. The whole time Rossi doesn't look at me or make any attempt to talk. Did I do something? "Rossi, your quiet," I say to him. "It's my fault." He tells me. "What is? The thirteen people?"

"No, your six-year disappearance." He tells me. "No, it's not."

"You were walking to my house, and they took you because I didn't come to pick you up that day. If I picked you up we would have seen you every day for the past six years, we wouldn't have missed a birthday or Christmas." Spencer turns to him. "No, If anything it's my fault. I let her leave. I was asleep, I ignored her when she tried to talk to me so she left."

"I would have gone on a walk anyway." I try telling them. They don't listen. I end up moving my seat to sit next to Luke and Penelope because they aren't talking about six years' worth of birthdays and Christmases.

"My mother lives with me now," Spence tells me out of the blue. "She knows who you are, she would love to meet you."

~The next few weeks go by fast, We repaint my room, Spencer doesn't let me out of his sight, He works on anything I missed in school and Penelope invites me over every night for a pop culture catch up. And life is good. Till Diana starts having worse episodes, and Spencer travels to texas to get her help. Only he doesn't go to Texas, he goes to Mexico, and gets framed for murder... Leaving me with Diana to care for.

"You did WHAT!" I scream at the phone. I hang up on Spencer and call the team.

"Did you hear about Spencer?" I ask. "Yes, we are going to get him." Emily tells me. "I want in, Im helping get him so I can beat his skinny, gumby lookin ass." I tell her. "Ill have Rossi pick you up." I wait in the driveway for ten munites and then Rossi arives. "Lets go get our boy." He says and I hop in. We dont talk and im thankful for that because the next person to speak is going to get punched in the face. I get on the plane and dont talk to anyone. Jj comes over once, Rossi comes over afew times and Luke sits next to me. He grabs my hand halfway through the flight and we just sit like that.

I hop out and run to the door of the small Mexican jail. I dont wait to be let in I just march in. I walk straight to the jail and go to yell at Spencer but I cant. He sits huddled in the cornor. "Shea?" He jumps up. "Your Alive!" I pause. "Spencer what did you take, Ive been alive" He looks at me. "I dont know what I took." I walk up to a cop. "Let me sit in there with him." I say. "You cant."

"Fucking bullshit." I grab a key off the wall. "hey!" He yells. "Shut up." I walk over to the door and open it. Spencer goes to get up but falls back onto the bench. "Its okay, here." I say as I sit next to him and lay his head on my lap. "Just rest." About forty minutes later everyone walks out of the room they where talking in and they continue fighting about where Spencer should be held. Spencer lays sound asleep.

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