Little Reid


"We got Spencer home. The woman they say he killed. She's American." Emily tells me after she gets off the phone. "I had to call in a few flavors but it's official. He's ours." He still looks dazed and confused. "Come on Spence let's sit you up." He takes naps in between interviews because he's so tired. "Where are we going?" He asks. "We got you to American jail. We can help you in there." He smiles. "Thank, I've been a little more out of it than I wish to admit." He tells me. "We all have those days."
"Most of those days don't begin with a murder."
"Well, most of those days aren't Spencer Reid super-agent days," I say smiling. "Your mom and dad would be so proud of you." He says. "You've been through so much, and you're so smart."
"Thanks, Spence." I move aside as Emily and Rossi cuff him and march him onto our plane. We get on and uncuff him. He flops down. We know you didn't murder her. So who did?" Rossi asks. "I don't remember. Like I told the police in Mexico. The knife was on the ground. And then it was in my hand after she was stabbed." He adds the last bit to clarify.

When the plane lands he is cuffed and Emily takes him to an American jail. She doesn't tell me where because she knows I will go right to it. "Get some sleep. Tell Ms. Reid we have Spencer safe." She tells me. "I'll drive you home," Luke says. He looks tired. "Need to stay the night? I can make dinner." I offer. "Only one night." He says to me as we get in the car.
I find out two things about him. One, he likes pop music, and two, he likes talking about Penelope. Both make me extremely happy.
We get home to Diana screaming. "Whos he! Is he a spy?" He looks confused. "Schizophrenia and Alzheimers." I turn back to her. "He's not a spy. He's a friend of Spencer's. "
"Where is Spencer? Is he at the beach?" Before Luke can tell her otherwise I agree. "Yeah, he's working on the beath right now. He'll be back in a few days." I walk to the kitchen and throw my go-bag down. Luke puts his on the chair and moves mine next to his.
I make pizza and mac and cheese. I laugh thinking of the last time I made it and how Derek spilled some trying to get the mac and cheese out. Me and Luke continue to talk till it's around one. "Can you grab me a blanket? Im heading to bed." He says. "No. Take my bed. It's fine. I'll sleep in Reid's room. Also, lock the door, Diana sleepwalks sometimes." He gives me the thumbs up and walks to find my room.
I clear the dishes and make lunch for tomorrow and pack it in bags. I divide Diana's meds for the week in her weekly divider for her nurse and then I pack a travel bag. Im going to go home for the weekend.

Luke leaves at 12pm and im left with Diana. She's nice and we get along most of the time. When she's not having an episode she is a nice woman who is intelligent and well collected. But during her episodes she's violent. And I know it's because she's scared and confused so I just comfort her.
"Im going to leave for a little. See a few friends. Jj and Will might come over to visit you. And your nurse will be over in a little." She looks at me. "But wheres Spencer?" I pause. How do I say this? "There was a mix of and he's spending the night at a local jail. He's fine and safe and the team is with him."
"What's his charge?"
"Murder and smuggling drugs, also stealing a vehicle." She rubs her hand on her forehead. "He will be fine?" She asks. "Of course. It's Spencer!"

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