Little Reid

A Visit With Morgan

I find myself at the door of the one and only "big black six-pack". I knock and hear yelling from inside. "I'll get it."

The door opens and I'm face to face with Morgan. "Morgan!" I say as I run and jump into his arms. He laughs and picks me up, twirling me around. "I got the call saying you were back." He puts me down. "Come in, You need to meet someone." He shows me to a living room with a baby crib. "Oh, I heard about this little man!" I say running over. I can hear Morgan laugh. "Wanna hold him?"

"Hold him? I don't want to drop him." I laugh. Morgan picks up the baby and places him in my arms. "His name's Hank Spencer Morgan." I laugh and bounce him around a bit. He looks up at me and laughs. "Hi Hank, It's aunty." I boop his nose.

I can hear someone walking down the stairs and I turn. "Derek, I didn't know we had company." She comes to his side. "Im Savannah."

"Im Shea." Hank squirms around in my hands. "And this is your baby." I hold him out to her and she takes him. "Im going for a walk, I'll take Hank so you two can catch up." She grabs keys off a table in the living room. "I'll be back in two hours. You can stay for dinner." She tells me

"I got into quite a bit of trouble when you were gone." He tells me everything that had been through in the past few months. "He's in jail," I tell Derek mid-conversation. "Yeah, I heard." That ends the conversation. We sit and watch the news and flip around the TV stations.

I end up staying the night after Savannah makes us dinner. Hank currently lays in my arms as Morgan and I play go fish. "Do you have an eight?"

"No. Do you have a Two?" I thow my card at him. "You cheater!" He looks at me and places a hand on his heart. "I would never." I can hear Savannah laugh. "As much as Hank is having fun its bedtime."

"NOooooo, Not my little man." I say as I pick him up under the arms and hold him infront of me to give to her. "You can babysit anytime or come visit." She says as she takes him. When she brings him upstairs Morgan gets up. "We have an extra bed." He motions me forward and I follow. I flop onto the bed in his room and he smiles. "Goodnight." He says placing a kiss on my forehead. "Ill wake you at seven?" I nod. "Cool, see you tomorrow."

He closes the door behind him and walks out.

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