Little Reid


It had been two years since I had been rescued and Now I was seventeen and applying to different schools worldwide thanks to Emily's connections. Spencer wanted me to go where he went, He said I was smart enough to get into anywhere. He would brag to his friends about how I was still way above average even after everything that had happened. I applied to five colleges in America and five elsewhere. All ten excepted me. I think it had to do with the fact that my guardian was a genius who was widely known, even though Spencer said that had nothing to do with it.

"Are you ready for school?" Spencer asked me as Rossi and Derek drove us to the college. When we pulled up my breath stopped. "You're going to visit me right?"

"of course we will, Anytime there's a case or anytime Derek can get some vacation time," Rossi tells me. I smile and hug him.

The boys help me load my things into the dorm, Rossi insisted he get me a dorm to myself, So I had a whole room. Two beds, which I would probably end up pushing together, A large desk and two closets.

Jj and Emily swung by with Luke and Penelope at lunch to help decorate my room. On my bedside table were two photos. One of my parents and one of the team. I laughed because Luke was glued in the corner of the photos due to the fact he was newer.

Jj and Emily said they would send me extra food and snacks in big boxes every now and then so I didn't have to buy any, Morgan said he would send me movies so I could start a collection, Spencer INSISTED on buying me three books a month so if I had free time I could read and Penelope, even though Luke told her I had enough clothes, said she would go out and buy me some new outfits each term because "you can't wear the same outfits to many times because then it will look warn and lose its color." I smile at her logic. "Don't worry, I'll make sure nothing has unicorns, puppies, or sparkles," Luke tells me as he pulls me into a hug.

"We are still inviting you to team dinners once a month," Rossi says to me when they start to walk away. Spencer lingers longer than the rest of them.

"Do you remember when I just met you, and I swear you hated me." I laugh. "Yeah?"

"I knew you would grow up to be beautiful. and do great things." He hugs me and refuses to let go. "Spencer since when are you a hugger?" I joke. I look up at him and he's crying. "Spence no, I'll start crying too!" He lets out a sniffle as he laughs. "I want a text every day, and photos, and full names of your friends so Penelope can search them." I start laughing thinking he's joking but when I look at him for any trace of kidding, He's not kidding. "Im NOT doing that, No searching my friends!" He shrugs.

"You have a plane to catch, and I think the team would be mad if you made them miss it." He pulls me into one last hug before kissing my forehead and walking out of my room.

I fall back onto the bed and let a few of my books slip off and onto the floor. My hand reaches to grab my parent's photo but instead grabs the other one. I bring it up in front of me to see everyone. Penelope in her bright sweater, Luke in a graphic tee, Hotch in his suit with Rossi by his side laughing at something Emily said. and Jj and Spencer standing off to the side while Derek is sitting in front of me.

I glance at the clock, Freshmen activity starts in thirty minutes. I look at my room and twirl around. "This is going to be s great four years."

THAT was the shitty ending of Little Reid and I might Write a sequel or add on.

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