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Little Reid

Packing Up

We walk to an older looking car, that looks like it should be run down by now. He opens the back and puts the box in it. I sit up front with him. “What’s your favorite color shea?” He asks. “Blue.” He smiles at the fact that I was talking to him. “Mines green.” He informs me. I sit in silence, not wanting to talk to the strange man I met a total of an hour ago. “Do you like pets?” He asks me. “I’ve never had a pet but I think I want a chinchilla or a hedgehog.” I don’t respond. We don’t talk for the rest of the drive to my house. I want to turn on the radio but the air is to thick with awkwardness and sadness. We pull up to my driveway and he takes out a key. I silently cry as I walk up to my driveway and to my house. “Crap, I need to take this.” He says pointing to his phone. Instead of going in, I listen.
“Sorry Hotch, Family business.” A pause. “I’ll fill you in when I get back.” There’s muffled talking coming through the phone. “Could you do me a favor and get a plane and storage unit. I promise I’ll explain and pay you back.” There’s a long pause. “I’ll be back to work in a few days, and yes the jet will be fine.” The jet? Storage? He hangs up and sees me listening in. “My boss.” He says simply. “We have a few boxes to pack. Everything else is being sold or going to goodwill.” He tells me as we enter.
I go to the living room and grab all the pictures of my family. I take my mom’s favorite books and my dad’s camera. I take my tablet and Chromebook. I hand them all off to Spencer who organizes them into boxes. I take photo albums and home DVDs. The dining room has nothing of any meaning. It wasn’t used very much. In the kitchen, I grab my mom’s and dad’s coffee mugs, My matching mug, and my mom’s good plates. Spencer agrees to log onto my house computer and put it all on a flash drive, while he does that I go upstairs. I grabbed more photos from the hall and a few books and a notebook that was on the hall table. I grab my mom’s quilted blanket that sits on a chair in the hall.
My parent’s room is littered with memories. I grab my dad’s hats and throw them into a box. I take my mom and dad’s few T-shirts that I fit in and a few to remember. I grab their high school yearbooks and a few other things they had as a kid. I fold up there pillowcases and blankets and put them into the box. I take my mom’s jewelry box and rap in a shirt so it won’t break and I put it in. I bring the box to the bottom of the stirs and grab another. I walk to my room. I’m overwhelmed by the things that should stay and go. Will I have enough room? I think as tears cloud my vision. I hear light footsteps walking up the stairs and for a second I think it’s my dad. My breathing becomes shallow when I remember it’s not. I hear the footsteps rush through the hall and into my room. Suddenly a hand is on my back and a body is sitting next to me telling me to breathe. I look up to see a not so panicked spencer. I go to speak but he shushes me. “It’s okay, Just sit here for a minute.” and we do sit there for several minutes. He gets up and reaches a hand to me. I take it and am pulled up. “Here, start with this shelf.” He points to my bookshelf and I start taking my favorite books. Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The Unknown Americans. I grab my journals and pictures. I go to my other shelf and take my Alexa, my phone, my bin of headphones and speaker and my piggy bank. I grab the few stuffed animals I have and put them in the box too. I take my jewelry box and plop it in. I grab my colored pencils and a few of my old sketchpads. I grab some awards I’ve gotten and my Xbox. He’s reorganizing the boxes, putting electronics and pictures in one, clothing in another, miscellaneous in a big box, and my rooms things in the second to last box. He hands me a box labeled clothing. “I can buy you more when we get to my place, let’s just get the necessities.” I grab two dresses, my baptism dress, Five nice shirts, three pairs of jeans, a few graphic tees, two pairs of PJs, six bras, six things of underwear, five pairs of socks and some shoes. I turn to him and place it all in. I run downstairs before he can stop me and grab a trash bag. I put all my twenty sweatshirts in it along with my tank tops and shorts.
“Is that everything?” he questions. “No,” I say quietly. “But its all I really need. Can’t take the whole house.” My joke falls flat, part of me hoping I could just live here. “Let’s put it all in my car and do a final sweep.” He tells me. He insists on putting them in the car himself even though it’s clear he lacks the strength. I walk through the house. It looks unpersonalized, like a shell of what it once was. The pictures are gone, the books, cool pillowcases, blankets I loved, Electronics, Toys, Notebooks. It’s all in boxes. Spencer made sure my childhood pictures, special childhood clothing, and drawings where saved. Once it’s all in the car we drive to a small airport. In the small airport stands a large jet, Attached to it is a ramp. He drives over and turns to who I assume are the pilates and asks for help loading it in. A man steps out of the jet. He’s tall and has styled black hair he’s wearing black shoes, a black suit and a dark blue tie. His expression is serious until he spots me. “Reid? Why do you have a teen with you?” He asks him. I back up slightly as the man walks down the ramp and to us. “I’m going to wait in the car,” I tell Reid, I slightly run into it. The man keeps looking into the car. Spencer “Reid” is talking to him, every now and then looking back at me. The man nods and talks back. Spencer walks into the jet and the man walks to the car. I switch from the back of the car behind the passenger to behind the drivers side as he walks over. He sees my move and stops. He instead opens the passenger door. “Hi shea, I’m Aaron. I’m one of Spencer’s friends.” I don’t talk back or move. He looks at me strangely and realization hits his face. “I’m going to go into the jet, Spencers inside.” He stops, debating whether to say more. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He states as he gets up and walks over to the jet. Why is he so, scary? I ask myself as he gets in the jet. I open the door and follow after him. When I get inside I see my boxes are tied down in the back. The jet has a lot of seats and what looks to be pullout beds. Aaron sits farthest away from the door. I move back out before they can see me.

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