Little Reid

New Friends

“She seems afraid,” Spencer tells Aaron. “Hotch, what do I do? I can’t raise a teen. Shea only 13.” He tells him. So that’s who was on the phone, Arron Hotch? “ she’s nervous like you said. You’re a stranger to her. It’s going to take some time. I can help you register for school and someone to watch her while you’re gone. Gone? Where? “What if something happens to me, she can’t live at a psych ward with my mom.” What does he think is going to happen to him? And why is she in a psych ward? “I know your there,” Spencer calls out to me. I walk in once again and look around. “Do you work for the mob or something?” I say under my breath. Spencer picks it up because he smiles. “Actually I work for the FBI as an SSA, I’m a profiler.” He points at Aaron ”Just call him Hotch. He’s my boss.” He pauses. “Not the mob.” Hotch lets out a small smile. “Have you ever been on a plane before?” Hotch asks. I nod yes and take a seat. There are seat belts but they aren’t wearing them. I don’t put mine on, but spencer catches it and leans over, strapping my belt in place. I lean over and strap his on. “Statistically speaking you’re more likely to die walking down a street than in a plane. You could go on a plane every day, but would still be in more danger just walking home on a street then in the air.” He starts rambling about planes and how they were first made, quoting from textbooks and engineering textbooks. I don’t question it, neither does Hotch. Soon, Spencer’s voice stills and he looks over at me. “Sorry, I do that sometimes, I have an eidetic memory, I can read at 20,000 words per minute and an IQ of 187.” He pauses. “I graduated at 12.” I can hear a phone go off. Hotch checks his pockets.
“Garcia.” He states as he answers. “You’re on Speaker I’m with Reid.” He stops and looks at me. “Another friend, keep it pg.” She laughs. “Or what you’ll.” she’s cut off by someone who yells “baby girl, play nice.” She laughs again and continues talking. “We found another body, they called us in about twenty minutes ago, I hope you and boy wonder are ready.” Hotch turns back to me and Spence. “Reid has the rest of the week off.” Reid silently thanks him. “I was just helping him with some family matters, I’ll be back in an hour, brief the team.” He hangs up and sits back down. “I can’t help you move everything, but I’ll make sure there’s an extra car waiting for us so you can go straight home or to the storage place.” He gives spencer keys to a storage unit. When we land we all go our separate ways. I load most of the boxes while Spencer insists he can do it.
We drop my things off at the storage place and head to his apartment. “Obviously we need a bigger place. And I knew that, so I have the money we just need to find a house. I’m thinking one near Hotch or my friend JJ.” I place my bag with my pillow, stuffed animal, blanket, and PJs on the couch. “No, ill sleep on the couch you take the bed.” He tells me. “Spencer, it’s your bed, and I’m the one that’s making you move eventually. So this is the least I can od.” I tell him. “Shea.” He warns me. “Bed.” I plop myself on the couch and lay down. I pull out my pillow and blanket and fix the preexisting pillows to make room for my body.
He gives up and walks to his room. Yelling goodnight to me as my head hits the pillow. I don’t dream but I wake up startled. My body shoots upright. My nose is met with the smell of pancakes and coffee. Spencer is in the kitchen cooking, placing the pancakes on two plates. He adds blueberries and raspberry to my plate along with chocolate on the top of the three pancakes. He doesn’t make me coffee but I see him put a tea bag into a hot cup of water and put honey in it. “Oh your up,” he says as he places the plates down. “I made some pancakes and I made you some tea. I don’t want you to drink coffee. Also because of the chocolate, I used Honey instead of sugar. Figured chocolate was enough sugar this early.” I look at the time 5:30. I stare at him like he’s crazy. “It’s five-thirty!” I tell him as I bury my head into the pillow. “I know, I slept in.” Slept in! I roll my eyes. “Come eat,” he tells me. I sluggish get up and walk to the table. “Thank you,” I tell him. He just sips his coffee. “I figured today.” He stops when his phone rings. He answers it. I can tell it’s Hotch based on the monotone serious voice. “Alright, I’m taking Shea. She doesn’t know her way around yet.” Spencer says. He hangs up and turns to me. “Get dressed once you’re done. They need me at work.” He clears his plate and after I’m done I clean mine. I throwback on the clothes from yesterday only to see that they’ve been cleaned and ironed. Spencer puts on his vest and grabs his bag. We walk to the car and he opens the door for me. I hop in and get my seatbelt on. “There’s an office, it’s Hotche’s but he said it’s yours for today.” He tells me. “I’ll explain to my team out, situation after. For now, just don’t comment. Okay?” He sounds more like he’s begging than asking. I agree and he parks. He parks in a spot that says his name on a sign. His car lines up with only about five others. We walk up to the building and go into the elevator. “Pretty boy!” someone says as we step inside. “Who’s that? Do you have a secret love child?” He asks quietly. At this point, everyone’s over asking questions.

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