Little Reid

The Rich Italian

I see Hotch and walk over. “Here.” He opens the door to his office. Another man is standing inside looking out the windows. “Shea this is Rossi.” Rossi turns to face me. “Hi shea,” He says warmly. He smiles and grabs a paper and a few pens. “Here, I walk over slowly. Taking my time to examine the room. "How are you lately? It's been a hectic few days, hasn't it." He says. I give him a sad smile and take the paper and pen. He looks at my facial expressions and the paper. I draw lines, they weave in and out of each other. I draw leaves hanging off the lines and small budding flowers on the ends. There's a few dead flowers mixed in.
"Do you know what profiling is?" He asks. "No," I say quietly. "It's when someone looks at someone and can tell a lot about them. Like this, take Spencer for example. He overtakes and gets excited about what he's hesitant talking about. But other than that can be a pretty quiet guy. He’s smart and tends to lean more on facts than opinions." He stops. "What do you know about him? You've spent almost twenty-four hours with him." I think about Spencer. "He's nervous. He plays with the bottom of his vest. He's not a heavy sleeper, because I roll around in my sleep and there were two times where I heard him come in and check on me." Rossi smiles. "What about me?" He asks. "You seem to Italian that if you weren't good at cooking I would be shocked." I stop. "My dad was Italian." I feel a tear. Rossi gets up and walks closer to me. I brush off the tear and act like it never happened. I fight the tears and the voice cracks as I talk. "You've been married, I can see the ring tan lines." he laughs. "I've been married three times." I don't know what to say so I just smile back at him.
Spencer knocks and then comes into the room. He shifts his eyes to Rossi and then to me. Rossi smiles at him and Reid smiles back. Spencer moves over to where Rossi is and lends on the wall next to him. "There's a house for sale in JJ's neighborhood." He tells me. "I was thinking we can check it out." He says. Rossi gives him a confused look. "A new house?" Is all he says. "My apartment's too small. One bed, one bath. There's no yard. Shea's things are in a storage unit." Spencer tells him. "That could take weeks to finalize. Plus you should look around a bit more. it's been only a day." Rossi tells Spencer. "You guys can talk about it but I have quite a few extra bedrooms. They have beds and bathrooms, I have an outdoor space . She can move in with me until you find a place." He offers. "I live alone, and cook meals for at least three." He chuckles. "Reid can come over before and after work. I'll cook food for all three meals, I can even get her into a private school." He tells us. Spencer looks at me and then at him. "Me and Shea will talk about it. Right now they need us." He tells Rossi. Spencer and Rossi leave.
I can hear talking behind me, the walls were made thin. I lean in to listen. "What's the mystery child's name?" A voice says. "Mystery child?" A woman replays. "Child? She's thirteen." Spencer says. "Mystery teen's name is Shea. Now let's get back to the case." I hear Hotch say. The group goes quiet. They talk about the case for over an hour. I've used three pieces of paper and have no clue if I can take more. Footsteps leaving up to the office door make me look up from my paper. It's a woman dressed in bright colors. She's holding a toy and stress ball. In her pocket hangs bubbles. "I’m Penelope Garcia." She tells me. "Bubbles?" She offers me the container. "Hotch said it's okay. As long as we don’t break the computer with them." That being said I move away from the computer. "Your names Shea right?" I nod. "Not a big talker?" She asks. I shrug."She talks. Right Shea?" I hear Rossi encourage me to respond. "Yeah, I talk," I whisper. Penelope claps her hands together and jumps over to me. "Okay bubble time." She picks up her bubbles and I grab mine. We blow them mostly out the window at the passing cars. Some pop right above Hotchner's computer. "Oops." She says. "Oh. Wanna see my cave?" She asks. Should I be trusting her? She owns a cave? "Sure," I say as I step out of the office.
She takes me to the end of a hall. It's a darker room filled with monitors and toys. "I'm a professional hacker. I'm their techy." She tells me as I look at the pile of toys. "You are never too old to play with toys." She tells me. "Sometimes the job is hard. Toys make it less, scary." She says as she hands me a squishy man. "Babygirl can you run a plate for me." I hear someone yell as they walk in. "Michael, Daniel, 43, 70." She enters MD4370. A man pops up and he gives her a kiss on the head. "Angel woman." Then he turns to me. "I’m Derek Morgan." Now, this is a scary looking dude I think as I stare at his arms and legs. He's tall and bald. "I’m Shea," I tell him. He bows and I laugh a little. "Alright, ladies. Talk to you guys later." He turns to Garcia. "See you at lunch spicy mama". He walks out. "Are you two?" I start to ask. "God no, he's my best friend." She tells me.
The day blows by fast. And by 9:00 pm I'm on my way back to Spencers. "So. I heard you met mostly everyone." He says. "Mhm," I tell him as I eat the last fry. "Rossi is pretty adamant about you having a place to sleep till I can get us a house." He starts. "Would you be okay over his house? I would be over any time I'm not at work." He tells me. "But it's up to you. You've done a lot of moving around." He tries to read my expressions. "Rossi said if you wanted to sleep over tonight? You can always come back to my place." I think for a minute. Does Spencer want me out of his house? Is this him dumping me with a friend? "Do you want me to go?" I ask him. He looks stunned, possibly offended. "No, but it's a bed, and Rossi has plenty of house for you to hang out in. And it's not sleeping on a couch. Plus you NEED to try his food." He laughs a bit. "It's quite good. He adds seasoning from not only the store but his own garden. I've been told that he has been growing his own produce for a while now." He states. "Is he okay with me going over tonight?" I ask confirming that he is okay with it. "Yeah. He loves company." He turns down a street and starts driving to Rossi's. When we get there Rossi is holding wine and trail mix. He has a cup of some pink drink. "For you." He hands Spencer the trail mix. "And for you." He gives me the pink drink and I take a sip. "Strawberry milk!" I exclaim. After I'm done drinking the cold pink milk he walks me upstairs. He opens the door to a room with a small window and gray curtains. The bed is a simple full-sized bed and it has two pillows. On the bed lays a nightgown and slippers. He points down the hall to a bathroom and hands me a new bar of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. He gives me a fresh towel and a hair towel. "Anything else?" He asks me. "No, thank you," I tell him as he turns to go talk to Spencer.
I step into the shower and clean off. I use the shampoo and conditioner, placing it back on the plastic tray he gave it to me on. I soap up and then rinse off. I place the soap back on the tray too. I grab my towel and the freshly pressed nightgown. I dry my body and slip on the gown. I put the slippers on and dry my hair. I walk back into my room with the wet towel and the tray. I place the towel in an empty hamper and put the tray on the side of a night table. There's a knock on the door. Spencer hands me my phone. "I added Rossi's number, Penelope's, Hotchner's, and mine." He says. I smile and get into bed. He walks over and surprisingly tucks me in. He pulls the blanket to my chin and puts my stuffed animal in my blanket next to my pillow. He walks over to an outlet and places a small night light. It's shaped like a star. "Open or closed?" He says. "Closed," I tell him as he reaches for the door. "I'll be back at 6 am. Rossi doesn't want me banging on his door before the sun comes up." He informs me. "Goodnight." He tells me. "Mhm," I say back already half asleep.

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