Little Reid

The First Day

My light is flipped on and my eyes flicker open. Rossi is standing in my doorway. There are clothes on the foot of my bed along with pancakes, a mini box of cereal, an empty bowl, a container of fruit, and milk. "I can make eggs and. bacon if that's what you prefer?" He tells me. "No, this is great. Maybe tomorrow. Thank you " he beams with pride. "Where did you get the clothes?" I ask him as I pick up the shirt and jeans. "My maid, I had her pick up a few outfits." I stand up. "Did you eat? I ask him. "No, not yet." He tells me. "I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast," I say as I take the shirt and jeans and run to the bathroom. A new toothbrush and deodorant sit on the counter. I get dressed and brush my teeth. I bring my old close back into my room and throw them in with the towel. Taking my tray of food I walk down the stairs and into the dining room. Rossi has the same thing I do, except for he has oatmeal too. He offers me some but I tell him I have enough. We eat and talk about small things like our favorite color and musical. At exactly 6 am there's a knock on the door. Rossi opens it and Spencer is in the doorframe with Coffee. Rossi practically forces him to have breakfast with us. Making him pancakes, an egg, and bacon. When we are done I offer to clear the plates and they go to the other room to talk. "She doesn't seem to be upset?" Spencer says to Rossi. "Grief is weird. She's probably still in shock."
"Should I talk to her about it?" Spencer asks him. "She'll talk when she's ready." I was about to walk in but stopped when I realized that there was more to eavesdrop. "She loves it here. She has clothes and her own room. How can I give her a life like this?" Spencer complains. "She's allowed over anytime for as long as she needs, Spencer. Don't worry. She has a place with me till you can get a place. And when you do, she'll love it because that's her home" Home. I freeze at that word. Home was with mom and dad, not across America with people I don't really know. My breathing shallows out and the room spins. God. Not this. Rossi is the first to see me. Elbowing Spencer as he walks over. Spencer following him. Rossi and Spencer look at each other and then me. "Reid can you stay. I'm going to get her some water " he tells him. Spencer sits down and talks. He asks about my night, and about how I would feel getting a pet. The words bounce around in my brain. My thoughts are forming but not coming out of my mouth. "What colors the sky?" Spencer asks me. That's ridiculous! "Blue" I huff out. "Can you tell me what color Rossi's floor is?" I open my spinning eyes. It looks like a light brown polish. "B-Brown" I stutter out. Spencer asks me a few more easy questions and suddenly the panic is gone. "By asking simple questions that you’re brain doesn't have to think much about it tricks it into calming down enough to answers and after a while, it stops panicking." He tells me. Rossi stands in the middle of the room watching. He hands me water and turns to Spencer. He whispers “good job” to him and walks into the other room. "Shea, are you coming to work?" He asks me. "I guess?" I say. "Who's car" Spencer's confidence drops as I look at Rossi. Spencer clearly wants me to trust him and to go to him for everything. He’s trying to be the parent here. "Spencer, can I go with you?" His eyes look up at me and I sware he's electrocuted with energy. "Of course!"
We drove to the BAU talking about books and other works of literature. We pulled up to the BAU, got out of the car, and walked to the door. “Reid, Is that your kid?” A voice from behind asks. I turn around to see a taller woman, with black hair and dark brown eyes. “Emily this is Shea. She’s my cousin.” I wave to her and she waves back. Spencer walks up to the keypad and puts in his code. Emily walks in with us. We get in the elevator and start to go up. Spencer turns to Emily and asks her about her day. She talks about getting a new cat, Sergio. I laugh at the uncommon name.
The door opens to reveal a busy office. Hotch is walking next to Rossi and JJ is handing Penelope a file. Emily walks over to Hotch. Spencer doesn’t move, instead, he turns to me. “It looks like we have a case, and if we do you have to come with us.” He says matter of factly. Reid grumbles as Morgan hands him coffee. “I added a tower of sugar,” He tells him as Spencer grabs the cup. Hotch stands next to the door of the meeting room. “We have a case.” Is all he says before walking into the room. Everyone follows him. Rossi stops me before I could step in the door. “Kid, I wouldn’t go in there. That room is all murder.” He says. “Stay out here, It’ll only be half an hour.” I sigh and walk circles around the large room. Everyone is in meetings or busy working, except for one man. His hair is messy and brown and his clothes look crazy but professional. I start walking over to him. He looks up from his computer and coffee. “Hello.” He says as I sit next to him. “I’m Shea” He shuts down his computer and turns to me. “Kevin.” He says. He picks up a granola bar that was on this desk and points it at me. “Want one?” I take the bar and rip half off. Snacking on the half. “What’s your job?” I ask him. “Tech” he gives me a questioning look. “And what’s your, um.” he pauses. “What’s your job here?” I laugh. “No job, I’m Dr.Reids, cousin.” Doctor Reid sounds forgen but he likes people knowing his title, I can tell he’s very proud of his doctorate.

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