Little Reid

The Five Rules Of Aaron Hotchner

The team walks out and Spencer hands me a small draw bag. "Morgan is going to drive you to Rossis. Get clothes for two days and two nighs, pack a toothbrush, hairbrush." I nod and try to follow along. "We have a case." Morgan translates for me. I smile at him bit shift closer to Spencer. I tap his shoulder and move him so I can whisper to him. "Your not coming? I dont know him." I tell Spencer. He laughs abit. "Ill be right here once you grab your things." He hugs me and I hug back. "You must be special because Spence hugs noone."
I follow Morgan to his car and get in. "So, your his cousin. How come ive never heard of you?" He asks me. "Oh, I didnt really know Spencer till." I pause to think. For such a tramatic event eveything is moving so fast. "I think three days?" He gives me a questioning stare but I ignore it. "You live at Rossis?" He asks as he pulla into the driveway. "For now I do." I tell him. The doors open and I run to the guest room. A shirt, a pair of jeans, a jacket, sunglasses, toothbrush, hairbrush and pjs. "Two days." I hear Morgan say behind me. I jump, forgetting he was there."Sorry kid." He says once he relied he scared me. "Once your ready wait for me in the kitchen. Ill be right back." I stand by my window when he leaves and watch him drive away. Did they plan to leave me?! My throat tightens up and my palms get sweaty. Why would he leave me. I grab my bag and slowly walk to the kitchen. I sit at the table and grab an orange that was in the bowl. Its a beautiful colored orange. Almost perfect.
Another few minutes of waiting. And suddenly I hear a car pull up. Morgan gets out with a smoothy from Dunkins. "I had to go for a drink run." He shakes his coffee and hands me the smoothy. "This is it?" He asks pointing to the bag. "Yep." I shrug. "Wait. My book!" I haul upstairs. Running as fast as I could to grab any book I braught with me. My eyes settle on The Hungergames. Better than nothing?
Morgan drives us to an airport. I see the rest of the team outside the airplan. Spencer sees me and walks over to take my bag. "Ladys first." He says as he walks to the door of the aircraft. I smile and walk in. He sits next to Morgan and they sit across from Aaron and Rossi. The others sit behind them. I sit on the other side of the plane. I read the first few pages of the hungergames. I tell myself to stop before page 100 so I have a book to read later.
The plane lamds and I have less than fifty pages left. "Spencer." I call to him when I see him stand up. "Can we buy me a new book. I finished this one." He glances at me. "You have about sixty pages left. But after that sure."
"Your wrong. I have fifty two pages." Hes so close its almost scary. He rolls his eyes and we all start to exit the plane. Aaron stops me. "Goodmorning sir." I say when he stops infront of me. "I have some rules." He hands me a paper.
Rules to follow while on a case
1. Do not talk unless spoken to and only when said it is alright to by a teammate
2. Do not tell people your age or last name
3. Dont talk to criminals
4. Do not EVER leave the room we put you in.
5. Tell us when you need to leave the room for food, bathroom, ANYTHING.(Buddy system)
"Is this really necessary?" I ask as I read the five rules. "Yes. Infact, if you break one rule Spencer will have to leave you at home and you can no longer join us." The idea of being home alone isnt comforting. "Got it?" He asks me. "Ofcourse." I say back, sarcasm on my tongue. "I have an amazing babysitter I can refure Spencer to." He tells me and gives me the look of, smarten up kid. "No. Nope. No babysitter needed here." He turns and walks down the ramp. "Asshome." I murmur. "I heard that." He groans. "Dont worrie. Ill follow the five rules of Aaron." I hear him let out a short but loud laugh and I follow behind him and hop in his car.

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