Little Reid

Deadly Flowers

Spoiler Alert. It was the flowers. I knew it, I told them. "I knew all along. If a wonan owns a flower shop. With weird flowers, and abunch of dead husbands. You would THINK the FBI would be able to tell sometings up." I yell out to them. "I mean come on people."
"Dont, come on people us. You messed up too." Spencer says. "And what did I mess up?" Aaron points to a small peice of paper. I read it and it says the five rules. "I did not. I followed them to at."

"Officer Rico this is Dr. Spencer Reid, SSA Rossi and Shea." I shake his hand. "Shea Reid. Nice to meet you." I think I broke the no talking rule, and the no names. "Arent you alittle young to be in the FBI. "Thirteen is the new 30." He laughs but I hold a straight face. There goes the age rule. Its fine, I only, technically broke 2/3 because name and age where written as one.

By the time the plane takes off most of the team is asleep. Morgan is listening to music and Hotch is going over the reports for the case. Spencer has a pile of books under a blanket. Why is he hiding books? I think as I see him shift to hide the title of the book he's reading. I pull out an Edgar Allan Poe collection book and start reading it. The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls... I take a moment to take in the quote. Within our souls. I know that this quote is one I will never forget. I hear the quiet squeak of a chair and then hear footsteps. I look up to see Spencer walking to the bathroom. As soon as he walks into the small stall I get up and move the blanket covering his many books. How to raise a child bookmarks stick out and I quickly scan the pages Teen anxiety, Child education, Benefits of homeschooling, Online safety. I pick up the next book Teen adoption. He has bookmarked and underlined pages. How to talk to a teen, Understanding a teenager, How to help improve communication. And I lift the final book Child grieving. Spencer has been reading about how to help me? "He cares kid." Morgans' voice rings out. "I guess so," I tell him. I jump back when I hear the bathroom door open. I drop the books and hurry to my seat. I'm willing to bet that he's done online research too. Knowing him he most likely has a whole file of blogs and writings on teenagers. When he sits down in his seat I get back up and sit next to him. He's taking up the whole couch. "Spence, can you sit crisscrossed," I ask. He does it without question. I lay my head on his crossed leg and stretch my body out on the couch. I can feel him adjust his body so he is comfortable. I can feel a hand pushing my hair off my face and almost petting the top of my head. My eyes meet his and he smiles. I open my mouth to talk but he shushes me. "Close your eyes and get some rest." My eyes close and my thoughts leave my brain. I'm asleep in seconds.
I can hear the light chuckles of Derik and possibly JJ. I can feel myself getting picked up. I'm so tired my eyes refuse to open. I can feel someone rap my arms and legs lightly around them as they hold me up. My head falls into the side of their neck. "Do you want me to take her?" I can hear Hotch ask. Whos carrying me? I move my head to look at whoever is carrying me. Still groggy, I open my eyes. "Go back to sleep." I hear Spencer tell me. Spencer's carrying me? I think. I feel myself being sat down and I hear the click of a seatbelt. "Have you started looking for a place?" Rossi asks, who I assume is Reid. "Yeah, I put in an offer but I want Shea to see the house. Its a three-bedroom, two-bath, it has a kitchen and a living room. It's small but enough. The extra bedroom can be for a library, study for Shea." I dont understand anything else because my brain is already dreaming.

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