Little Reid

Case Of Nightmares

Here's the case we are currently facing, A group of teen boys on a killing spree, Uncaring and heavily armed and dangerous. The whole team but Rossi and me were in that house! Large banging sounds and fired shots ring in the air. Helpless, I push the earpiece further in my ear in the hope of hearing one of the team talk to signal they are okay. Spence speaks first. "Everyone okay?" He asks weakly. Everyone responds only to be met with what sounded like a kid screaming. "Shut up and get against the wall!" He yelled. My heart dropped. He was going to shoot them I thought as the two other kids became visible through the windows, they tugged the shades closed leaving us without a view. Only being able to hear through Spencer's earpiece. They had been playing their losing game of hide and seek around the house for over an hour. Darting from one room to the next to avoid getting shot, and now the boys had them."Rossi. we have to get them out " I say, turning to the door. His hand lands on my shoulder. "You can't go in there."

"Watch me." I push the car door open and run. I can hear Rossi running to catch up. His feet hit the pavement with such thunder that I know he's running to stop me. I get to the door and look through the side glass. Spencer is bleeding on the floor, JJ is applying pressure to his side. Morgan defensively sits in front of the group with Hotch. I knock. As my knuckles rap and hit the door the footsteps of Rossi stop. He looks back at me and I know what's happening. He cant go with me. He would get fired for not following protocol and disobeying direct orders. SWAT would be arriving in less than 10 minutes. I just needed to stall and keep the team alive. A boy around my age opens the door. "Are you with the FBI?" He questions. "Yes," I say as I step in. Two out of the four guns turn to me. I put my hands up and using my left motion for a boy to come over. "Pat me down if you need proof, I come unarmed." He looks to an older boy who nods. The younger boy puts down his gun and walks over to me, patting me down and giving the all-clear. "You need to let them go," I tell the oldest. He laughs and points a gun at my head. Spencer yelps as Hotch holds him down so he cant get to me. Morgan whispers something I can't hear.

"What did you say?" The boy asks. "Are you deaf? Let. Them. Go." I reply. He points the gun at Jj and slowly walks over. Morgan pushes her out of the way so the guns at his head. He loads it and aims. "SWATs coming. If you shoot them they will shoot all of you." I can hear the younger boys whimper, two move closer to each other. The oldest looks at me and for a second I see his fear. "They will shoot them. Their blood on your hands." I say pointing at the other boys. I look around, scanning the room for the next clue as to what to say when I see a photo of a family. The four boys with parents. "Your job is to protect them. As the older brother." He sucks in a breath. "Sit down with them, NOW." He screams. I can feel someone lightly push me. The team looks at me hopelessly as I remain standing. Spencer is going to bleed out if I cant get the boys out. I need all attention on me. "I can help you guys." A second brother steps forward and points the gun at spencer. Two out of the four guns are aimed now at the team. This is progress. I think to myself as I remember the three guns pointed at them when I walked in. "I know what it's like. To lose everything and have nothing, all in seconds." At this point, all eyes are on me. "Give me five minutes to talk with you. Me and you, like rational people." I tell him. My eyes shift to Spencer making sure he's still breathing. The older boy follows my line of vision and laughs. "You know him." He kicks JJ out of the way. Landing a hard kick to the jaw. Emily grabs JJ and pulls her out of the way. All four boys move forward to make sure that each person has a gun on them or near them. He kicks spencer in the stomach and I scream. He keeps kicking till Spencer coughs blood. I run over and pull his arm. The butt of the gun swings and hits my head. My head buzzing with pain but all I can think of is saving my family. I've already lost one family. I won't lose another.

"I lost my parents about two months ago. I lost a normal life, school, my friends. I had no one and nowhere. Only two living family members left, one in a mental hospital who doesn't even remember me and another. " I pause. " another who took me in without questions, moved so I would have a yard and bedroom, homeschools me so I can travel with him and never be alone." I can see spencer out of the corner of my eye crying. But I don't think it's out of pain. "They all helped him. They saved me. I can't lose another family. Not again." One of the boy's gun raises away from jj and Emily. One still trained on Spencer, morgan, and Hotch. "We can find a room and not let anyone in till we have a deal. As insurance ill go with you. And if someone comes in who shouldn't. Shoot me."

"Shea!" Hotch scolds. Morgan murmurs "baby girl no." And Spencer reaches out trying to grab my hand. He can hardly move. He's bleeding and severely concussed. "Deal." The boy says as he looks at his brothers. Us five slowly back up. "Get out guys. I'll be out in a little." I give them a sad smile. Hotch is already by Spencer's side, so is Morgan. One of the boys grabs my arm and the other holds a gun to my head. The youngest walked next to the oldest. They walked us up to a small bedroom. I could hear large trucks pull up. I really hope the team got out. "I'm just looking out the window to see whos there," I tell the boys. The oldest nods. The rest sit, reloading guns. Spencer and JJ are being pulled into an ambulance and the others are talking to David and SWAT. "If you guys walkout, they won't shoot, and then you all will make it out alive," I tell them. All the boys look scared, all except the oldest. "You're scaring your brothers," I tell him. He looks back at them and then looks at the window. "Jay, Max. You two leave." He grabs their guns and pushes them out of the bedroom. "Good. Now the rest of us should go before SWAT comes in and shoots first asks later." The other kid runs to follow his brothers. Leaving me and the oldest. "You walk in front of me and with your hands up." He says poking me with the business end of a gun. I walk slowly down the stairs and turn the corner. The doors open, probably because the brothers didn't close it. I can see them being loaded into cop cars. My eyes shift to see David pointing at me. Just keep walking. I remind myself. We step outside and he presses the gun further into me, ducking behind me. He wraps his arm around me and holds me to him. "I'll shoot." He tells me.

"IM NOT GOING TO JAIL FOR THIS." He yells to the cops. Jj and Emily are trying to talk him out of shooting me and letting me go. His arm moves and he lets me go. Immediately I hear gunshots but I can't figure out from what side, I'm dazed. I fall to the ground. I roll my head to see the boy on the porch in a pile of blood. Why did they do that? He let me- My thoughts are interrupted when I see everyone rush over to me. I feel my shirt get wet, right above my belly button. Is that my blood? I question grabbing my shirt. Not till I see the blood does it hurt. I've been shot. The boy shot me as I walked away, He didn't plan on letting me go.

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