Little Reid


I can hear Morgans' voice, It seems distant even though I know he is right in front of me. "Come on kid." He says, I can see faces over me and I can only make out two or three. Who I think is Jj and Rossi are with him. I can hear Spencer screaming in the background.

I feel myself being picked up, All at once. I move to feel a board under me and it's bringing me closer to the ambulance. My shirt is covered in blood, and it's cold. I'm shivering and in pain. Adrenalin is wearing off and I'm starting to feel my body try to comprehend what's happening. I can hear my heart, I can feel it everywhere too. I can also feel the blood running down my sides and dripping on the floor. It's hot. Almost burning, Maybe because I am so cold. Words that I don't understand are being said and I can feel pressure on the bullet. I look to see Rossi and Morgan are on my side. The EMT's are working as fast as they can. My eyes close and I hear Morgan tell me to stay awake. Sleep sounds amazing right now. Maybe a nap. My eyes are heavy. I look to see my shirt cutaway, leaving me in a bra. It hits me what's happening. Can they not stop the bleeding? I try to roll over in pain but I can't. David holds my arm down and I go to pull away from him but I don't have enough energy. "Stay awake." I can hear a voice remind me. It could be Morgan, Might be someone else. I cant tell. Everything is muffled and the lights are bright. Just a five-minute nap. I'm fighting myself to stay up. Come on, you've seen enough tv to know not to fall asleep while dying! The ambulance stops. "We won't drive there in time. The helicopter is over there." I, once more feel like I'm being picked up. My eyes clear up for a second and I see Morgan mouth something to me, but I can't hear it. It's okay, I can rest. I'm almost there. My brain illogically tells me. I let my eyes close. I hear nothingness. I can feel my whole body start to relax and then, nothing.

My eyes blink and are met with the world's brightest light. It's hanging above my face and I close my eyes quickly to avoid being blinded. "Shea?" I hear a voice ask. "God, Shut off the light." I hear movement and see the light above me shut off. "I thought I lost you." Its Spencer. His head is in his hands and his eyes are puffy. "Lost me, It's only been three months. You think I'm leaving you this soon?" I laugh. "Not a chance." A sharp pain strikes my side and I feel myself curl into it. "I'll get the doctor," Spencer tells me as he urgently gets up. He comes back Like he said he would. With a doctor. "You had us worried Ms. Reid." She says. "How long was I out?" I ask her as she shines another light in my eyes. "Going on your eighth day." She tells me. I was out for over a week! I groan. "Next time, you guys are saving your own asses. Getting shot isn't NOT as fun as the movies make it seem." Spencer gives me the death stare. "No one told you to run in. In fact, YOU were told to STAY IN THE CAR. First, we said to stay in the station, but that wasn't enough, so then it was stay in the police car, then its, stay with Rossi and THEN, I look over to see you BARGAINING WITH A GROUP OF SERIAL KILLERS!" He yells. "OH, IM SORRY. maybe, MAYBE NEXT TIME ILL LET YOU AND YOUR TEAM GET SHOT BY A BUNCH OF ELEVEN-YEAR-OLDS!" I scream back. God, that hurts. Maybe yelling isn't good right now. "It's our job to get shot at, Not your job. We signed up for this BECAUSE WE ARE ALLOWED TO. YOU are NOT." Spencer continues. "I had to fight off child services, Used all the resources I knew. Fought for my job, because they don't take bring your cousin to work day easily and THEN, I had to have a talk with Hotch. Your not allowed in the same state as us when we work. If it's a case in Pennsylvania I can't work it because I have to take you out of state."

"I'm sorry." My voice cracks. "I- I" I start crying. "I can't lose more people. Even if that means losing myself." I pause. "I can't go through that again. Please, Spencer." I grab him and he pulls me into a hug. He's careful of my stomach. "You won't lose anyone. I promise. I'm here to stay. I'll always be here." He tries to calm me down on my own but after five minutes of me sobbing and not letting go the nurse comes back and gives me something to make me calmer and sleep.

I can hear the whole team when I regain conciseness. "I've found a place, three bedrooms, two baths, a pool, a yard. It's a three-minute walk to Jj's." I open my eyes to see everyone. "Hey." I hear Morgan say quietly. "How are you feeling." He asks. "Like I'm going to get lectured even more than Reid already did." I hear a slight laugh from Emily. "shea, You can't do that again. And due to what happened we have some rules." Hotch starts. "Spencer already told me," I say stopping him. "But thank you," Hotch says. "You did save the team. Although I don't want you saving us again."

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